staying alive…away pala =)

hear-see-speak-no-evil-yoYou should know by now how much I love spoilers from my favorite TV shows.  It’s part of my need to know everything available, sort of guarding myself for surprises. Anyway, I told myself, with little steps I can shy away from spoilers after all, since three to four episodes remain unaired for most network shows that I watch.

Guess what, I could avoid spoilers altogether mainly because the reactions over them are becoming too hard to bear.  I understand how can someone be so invested in a show, in a character, but perhaps I am not that crazy yet because I am not going bananas over a blind item. 

This Ausiello blind item yesterday got fellow fans thinking once more. Syempre ang loyalty na sa House. Thing is, House is not the only long-running network drama show on TV. And I have not watched Grey’s Anatomy since season 1 but based on rational explanations, it could apply there, especially now that Ellen Pompeo, or Meredith Grey, is pregnant.

Anyway, my point is, TMTH na ito! Too much to handle (the first time I saw this acronym isip ko agad Teenage Mutant….hehe corny)! I realized only now that I have not done much digging for Desperate Housewives so whenever I watch it, I still get shocked. The only spoiler I got there was about Edie Britt’s death brought by Nicolette Sheridan’s departure from the show…which was not a spoiler per se because it was a news item in the first place.

So there, I will TRY to be spoiler-free as much as I can.  Knowing too much can be confusing and bothersome.

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  1. huwhatt?
    grey’s preggers!
    mapanood na nga ito uli

    eto mas exciting
    si marian ang next darna!

    panigurado umiiyak na yun starlet sa kabilang ibayo

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