when real life takes over

– I cannot be more glad that this week has tons in store for me, work-wise.  I love being busy.  I refuse to obsess on neither my performance nor my speed in finishing tasks.  Sometimes, being slow works for me. Anyway…

– I am excited to see House 5X22.  It makes me want to rush home tomorrow to watch it. Lately I like to be away from the house as often as possible. Drama, I know. Oh well…

– I cannot bear looking at the progress of my list of books read.  It’s just mediocre.  I am slowly restarting my “Russia” phase if only to get rid of the Russia-set books piling up on my bedside table.

– I am re-hooked on Facebook.  But not to post on walls and comment on photos; I always look forward to go there to play games as Olivia, as Osang, as Sydney Wade, as Claudia Jean.  I am thinking it must be brought by my lack of interest in computer games in my younger years…I am only discovering how addictive they are now. At 27, people, at 27.

–  I expressed interest to take a long break soon.  I’m praying I would be allowed by the boss. It hit me last weekend that I really need it.

– The new Starbucks across the office is my new favorite reading place.  It appears that most students feel the same.  I love how it’s almost always full but everyone is enjoying the silence, save for the occasionally loud jazz music which can always be requested to be toned down.

– I am tempted to change the skin of this blog. Again.  I switched back to my old livejournal template and I liked it so much…size 8 Verdana is once again knocking on my wooden heart. Let’s see. It’s not as if you expect that this current blog template will stay for good, ne?

– Real life is here, I better pay attention.

Categories: Bookworm Judie, Citizen Judie, Employee Judie, TV & Movie Buff Judie

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  1. Salamat naman!

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