weekend more babbles

So many books to read, so little time.

So many shows to watch, so little time.

I never liked videos in slow motion until House and Cuddy fans uploaded them on youtube. =)

Amber Volakis is one of, if not the most outsanding guest character in any US network show to date.

For two days straight, I drank coffee after dinner so sleepless nights shouldn’t be as strange again. I simply never learn. It’s not as if I’m embarrassed that I feel sleepy at daytime, while in the office. It’s the hassle of being awake for hours and hours on end, because when it takes its toll, I usually end up so spent and at times, on the verge of dying. Stubborn, stubborn little big girl =)

I’ll try to put into words the other thoughts running in my head right now.

Summer came and went so fast.

If other twisted people resort to porn, you can give me Greg House and Alan Shore talking to each other about any topic and it will get me off. Seriously. How come the best men are only fictional characters?

I’m female first and foremost so it should explain why I am in awe of Shirley Schmidt. Again, a fictional character but I believe there are many of them out there who are just like her.  Men like House and Shore are just easier to find in a fictional world.

I heard from a source that Kris Aquino and Korina Sanchez are no longer friends. Something to do with the engagement announcement.

I wish to be inside the Twilight so time moves more slowly. That way my weekends would be longer and I can rest more and read more and watch more, my workdays will also be the same which will enable me to do more work. See? Perfect balance. Once again, derived from fiction.

I weigh more than Manny Pacquiao. Hahaha.

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4 replies

  1. matingnan nga kung totoo ang sinasabi ni raft3r

  2. dehins sya siguro busy ngayon

    btw, kaya magkagalit sina kris at korina
    because the latter promised the “engagement” news to the former’s show
    instead nag-wowowee si koring
    ayun na!

  3. pucha
    sikat nako
    jennifer aniston visited my blog
    san ka pa!

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