Day 1: tears and fears and feeling proud

I terribly enjoyed the fifth season finale of House, Both Sides Now. A great wrap of a great season. See you in September for Season Six, you guys. I have no time and energy to dissect everything but I truly believe Hugh Laurie deserves to nab all Drama Actor awards out there next awards season.

The morning before the episode aired, The New York Times ran a very spoiler-heavy article about it. Here are excerpts of the write up that gained my seal of approval 🙂

The show’s maddening appeal is its insistence on dressing up like a soap opera as it willfully declines to behave like one…

Of course the producers of “House” don’t care about our fantasies and instead poured a big bucket of Freon on our mushy sucker hearts. “House” treats the women who watch it the way House treats women generally: It mocks them for any genuine emotional investment…

“House” refuses to buy into the myth that a good woman can save an ornery jerk, and the finale made it clear what a dope you were to even think the show would try. It doesn’t want to appease the woman who wants to appease her Harlequin Romance self. It wants to appease anyone who gets ticked off when a romantic comedy shows an accomplished woman in a skirt suit giving it all up for a jobless, slovenly idiot.

The House-Cuddy attraction isn’t an attraction of opposites. It’s an attraction between two highly intelligent workaholics, two people too interesting for anyone else but ultimately unfit for each other — no matter how pathetically we’d like it to be otherwise. (Source)

◊  ♦  ◊

I had to scrimp a little this year so because of the uncool points they garnered from what they did to me, I decided to let go of my Vanity Fair subscription for this cycle. The magazine is one of my guilty pleasures so a tiny part of me (begs the question, is there a tiny part of me? LOL) did not want the unsubscription; I thought of very interesting personalities and features gracing the issues I would miss. Then I found out that the very first issue I’ll miss will have Jessica Simpson on the cover. Hah. It’s the universe’s way of telling me, “Honey, you will never miss much!”

♦  ◊  ♦

I am still singing to Tamia’s ALMOST. My drama queen phase is not over yet (and it will never die, hahaha). I’m not thinking of myself and possibly man/boy anymore, no. House and Cuddy maybe. The angst-less kind, the type who cringe at a Huddy ever after. With great pain comes great satisfaction. Hm, that’s a good motto.

◊  ♦  ◊

SEVEN days to go. With several errands and dates here and there, I wish to take a real form of rest. 🙂

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  1. power of advertising, baby

  2. that’s a joni mitchell song

    sali ka sa contest ko!!

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