days 2 to 5: to say “i love you” right out loud

I planned to take lines from the Joni Mitchell song Both Sides Now for all the days of my break but I never got to do them because…just because. Anyway, I have been humming to the song since the same title was used in the final season 5 episode of House. Writer Barbara Barnett interviewed the episode writer, Doris Egan, a day after it aired, and she got teeny tiny details and clarifications about the season as it drew to a close (do not click if you do not want spoilers).

So, yeah. That’s about it. However, I have been very visible in Facebook and Twitter and really, I feel sad that my only outlet to practice whatever level of writing I have has taken the backseat.  When a diversion becomes an obligation to fulfill, I always make it a point to stay away from it.  I want to do something because I really feel I will like it.  I am tired of doing things because I have to, because people are also doing it, because they are expected of me.

See, I lose my interest in writing coherently but if there’s something I can never shred, it’s drama! 🙂

Anyway, three more days until I get back to my daily grind by the bay. I should be able to squeeze in Angels & Demons, a wedding, a birthday party-slash-despedida, catching up on Girl Genius, and finishing as many volumes as I can of The Sandman especially now that Sharon lent me The Time of Your Life and The High Cost of Living, which are both about Death, her favorite Endless clan member.

Lastly, I am officially in love with being alone.  I rarely have the whole house to myself but of all times I get the chance, I feel very good. Maybe I should consider moving out and living on my own, even if it’s just in a modest rathole. Hmmm.

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  1. bakit walang continuity ang posts tungkol sa both sides now?

    btw, watched 1st episode ng house
    yun tape worms
    di naman ako masyadon naenganyo

    • my first episode was “TB or Not TB”. That pulled me in. Been hooked since then! I love reruns and marathons. I caught up quickly. =D

      anyway, judayski, can’t believe you’ve posted 300 on Twitter na! addicted much? hehe

  2. *gasp* i cannot believe you said the M word (moving out hehehe)… that thought didn’t cross my mind until i realized that i couldn’t bring BOYS home if i still lived with your sisterette hahahaha when i became single at 24 years old, i suddenly felt like i was 16 again with all the 20-questions before i go anywhere. she asked too many questions!

    i am also alone at the moment…. read my blog! (well, in about 20 mins)

  3. basta
    i went somewhere

    may pasok na bukas

  4. i’m back!!!!!!!!!
    kulang ka sa asin!
    iodized salt dapat!

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