dreams and schemes and circus crowds

Hello. It’s my first day back at work and I brought with me a nasty case of rhinitis. I tried my best to catch up and be very productive, and you know what, I sealed performance development plans and a possible candidacy to the employee organization before the day ended. The things I put myself into when I’m sick!

I scrapped a movie date because I headed home early to take lots of rest.  I want to be useful this week and the weeks to follow (naks). Besides, I am being pulled, lured by my pillows because I did not take the company nurse’s advice to just take one Claritin a day. I took my second tablet after eight hours; I hope I’ll be alive enough to wake up and go to work tomorrow.

In less stressful stuff, I finally have my trilobite pin courtesy of Sharon, my fellow geek (I am just an apprentice geek, you know). I am going to the beach this weekend, too. Not too late! Kesa naman wala.

In other stuff, please let’s not overreact to Alec Baldwin’s statements; although it’s okay to convey disappointment, let’s choose our battles wisely. It does not make what Alec said any less wrong but sabi nga sa kanta, everyone’s a little bit racist. For one, just look at those Pinoys who still generalize dark-skinned people as ita or negro. Kung paano lokohin ang lahat ng mga Bisaya. Come on. But for Hayden Kho and Katrina Halili, well, kanya-kanyang trip ‘yan. Pag maglalandi kasi dapat walang camera, that’s so sick naman. Keep it in your memory kasi when (not IF) the time comes that it will not work out after all, and it’s not love pala but just sex (‘yan ang sabi sa akin ha, not my own), yung destruction ng evidence will not be in your list of concerns. Hahaha! Hmmm. Mga tao talaga.

Now that more things are coming back to me, hindi kaya ako nagkasakit because I endured an hour of Hi-5?  We will never know.

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11 replies

  1. yan
    pwede kana mag-comment sa blog ko
    natatawa na ako sa house
    sa episodes2 and 3 ng season1
    i found myself laughing sa sarcasm nya

  2. naku
    oo, nga
    dina tayo nagkita
    baon na ako sa trabaho
    magaling na magaling ka naba?

    • stop pretending, yummy friend. hahaha! mag-iisang taon ka na eh 🙂

      yup, kung yung flu and its eklavu, okay na. however, as part of my APE, i had a tooth extracted. kaya eto, parang bangag ulit, ahahaha! pero magbi-beach na nga ako sa weekend. yahoo!

      hoy, kitain mo naman ako bukas. namimiss na kita!!!

  3. sorry to hear of your rhinitis! Di bale maybe the beach breeze (wind?) will cure it! 😉

  4. naku
    natuluyan ka na pala
    get well soon
    sent you an office email pa naman
    pagaling ka agad, yummy friend!

  5. tuloy pa rin kayo dito right?

  6. back to reality ba? sorry you’re sick pero sabi mo nga beautiful swine naman, as long as di talaga swine flu yan, it’s all good! haha

    on that sicko doctor, baduy nya ‘no! i saw the stupid video of him and katrina halili dancing to careless whisper…yuck, he looked or looks like a callboy tapos, not that anyone really cares, but i totally HATE that song pa!!

    i don’t know what alec baldwin said, so i can’t comment on that pero you’re right, daming pinoys, puti, itim, yellow na racist, iba-ibang degrees. Racism is everywhere, kaya we should always remind ourselves that we are responsible for our words and our actions, that there are consequences in this life—consequences, everyday.

    Yun lang. Enjoy your day!

    • good news, i’m feeling better na. grabe pag nagkaanak ako hindi ako dpat ganito ka-weak! gosh.

      anyway, ditto on consequences!!!

      p.s. yes, we’re still on in december!!!

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