I’ve looked at life that way

{My unoriginality has not left me so I’m still sticking with lines from Both Sides Now. Not that you’re interested to know.}

Yes, I changed my blog skin again. Whoever thought I would stick with my last one, anyway? A very few number of loyal readers have seen plenty of blog skin changes since I started blabbing about my life in 2004.

I have many things going on in my life, good and (some are) not-s0-good, but one of them, I simply have to be happy about. I met one more House fan inside our office compound. I have Raft3r to thank for it because he let me tag along with him and his officemates for lunch and that’s where I knew EC is into House, too (and ALONE is his favorite episode to date, ahahaha!).

Very soon, I wish to bring back whatever online gibberish I am capable of doing. I know you’re dying for updates. Just watch out for the things I will spill, Kill Bill. 

Outside this medium, I think I have never written this much in my journal. Ganyan ako kadaming sentiments, that sometimes I wish to make known, but I decided against the idea because no one is ever too precious to read my thoughts. Ako lang. Judith, FTW. Hahaha!

Jai guru deva om.

Categories: Employee Judie, Friend Judie, TV & Movie Buff Judie

2 replies

  1. btw, may socially relevant post ngayon sa the deadbeat club
    paki patulan

  2. wow
    i like
    ang linis
    parang kutis ni marian rivera

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