They say I’ve changed

04 June 2009, Manila – This is the first time in my life that TOO MUCH is a very good thing.  My life is still not eventful in its truest sense but all positive and negative feelings in my cesspool of emotions make my days interesting.  Sabi nga ni ETG, Kebs na. Ang ganda pala ng life (sabay twirl ng buhok). Hahaha!

After my experience this afternoon of battling the strong winds and heavy downpour in Manila, I was reminded of an old post I titled Ang Babae Sa Roxas Boulevard.  Happy times! =)

Later, toy soldier!

*     *     *

Contrary to the title, I have not changed. There are things I do and live by that could benefit from changing my ways but I’m not up to them yet.  I am happy for people who found themselves changed though.  If it means having a more fruitful, happier life, a clearer path, then who am I to object? Everyone deserves second, third, fourth shots at life. As for my own, I will let my nature take its natural course.

wilson and his bright idea by mwah iconsFor now, my desire is to tap anything I can feel passionate about – an advocacy, an organizational venture, a curricular activity. Past entries have shown I am capable of devoting time, energy and passion to whatever or whoever I want to. I’m sure being a person for others, or for a good cause, is doable. At this point I don’t want to do it because it’s cool to be part of it or because a friend is in it. I want to feel I like it, an instant attraction if you may, so I can be of real help. On top of my hazy mind, books and literacy are prominent icons.  There’s a community library project in the air so in between now and waiting for it to move, I want to look for anything where I can do something that matters.

This is what the rain does to me. I wish to feel this everyday.

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2 replies

  1. hay
    ang sarap ng walang pasok

    • uy, gloating. kala mo ha. baka bukas pare-pareho tayong walang pasok, hehe.

      nsa amin si Marian kanina. ok tlaga sya wag lang magsasalita. (“beautifell”) buti pa si angel locsin. nyahaha!

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