Who else saw this coming?

I have been rearranging my online priorities since last Thursday.  I was still online for most of the time, I just decided to reconnect with other people and fix other “semi-abandoned” sites I used to be very actively part of.  My Yahoo! account overhaul took a huge chunk of my time, too.  I terminated my fearless_bounce account after it was hacked (and “restored” for a while after changing its password) but not before tedious migration of files, messages, and other stuff related to it, like e-group materials and more importantly, my paid Flickr account.  I know I could retain the username and really, what are the chances of the hacker lightning striking twice? However, I felt I needed a change and this step is a good start. Naks, still, such drama! 🙂

I also worked a bit on my multiply and livejournal blogs.  I still visit them everyday but only to view friends’ updates.  I still don’t have my “dream” layouts for both of them but I’m loving the simplicity, plus there are fixed and identifiable friends from each sites where interaction is much more assured (in here, I have an average of 120 unique visits per day but only one comments regularly – hello, Raft3r!).  My drama queen self treats this as part of my “look back, reconnect” mode which has been poking me gently for two weeks now.

Speaking of blog layouts, I obviously changed this blog skin AGAIN.  It’s one of the tendencies when you have limited capability to alter your layouts.  If only for this setback I am very much tempted to go back to blogspot.  (Ugh, don’t give me an idea, you!).

By the way, here are my current multiply and livejournal layouts (click the image if you want to go to the site).  I’m fairly satisfied with them. If you have your own account in either or both of them, you can add me. Accepting your invite will be subject to my strict approval, of course (hahaha, snooty! But don’t worry, I’m easy naman).

my multiply

quarterlife is very messy

There. You missed me, don’t you? Anyway, my Drag Me To Hell recap may still continue. Ta-ta for now!

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6 replies

  1. mabuhay si raft3r!

    di pa tayo nagkikita ng “live” uli

  2. Oo nga buzz ng buzz hahaha I tried updating all the blogs pero di kaya ng powers ko. Sana parang facebook at twitter para isang update-an na lang.

  3. yeah, i was getting random messages from you from your yahoo account. ang sipag mo rin mag-maintain ng iba ibang blog ah! i cant do it. im too busy/lazy to do all that. isa nga lang, di ko pa ma-update constantly hehe

    • hay oo nga, lecheng pangyayari yan. I got lots of the same “complaint” from friends…minsan daw Buzz ako ng Buzz. Ano buzz, hahaha!

      Nalibang lang ako balikan yung lumang blogs ko. yung Multiply lang blocked kasi sa office kaya di ko masyado naeenjoy, hehe. cross posting nga lang ako palagi.

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