one slice.

Thursday, June 24.    For the past ten days, I have managed to observe real austerity measures.  I did not linger in Midtown to eat or have coffee while I read (which I always did to escape rush hour), I took cheaper forms of transportation, even walked short distances to save my fare allowance, I did not eat anything worth more than 100 pesos for lunch.  It was a very promising change in my lifestyle.

One of the downsides is I threw my crappy weight loss plans away because going straight home  after work would have me eating homecooked meals, and we all know, they’re the shiznit.

mind-wandered-tdog0105One other roadblock is relapse.  Sadly, it hit me yesterday, although still in moderation.  Today, I can shamelessly admit that I burned all the money I saved in the past days.  I ate out, I bought…stuff,  and purchased more items.

I figured I’ll shape up when I already have more tangible “responsibilities”.  As long as I’m only responsible for my own confused self, it’s fine, I guess. I refuse to be stressed by this “late-twenties sphere” anymore.  I’m off to enjoy all these yuppie bullshit for women slackers, including my sexuality (let’s talk about this later). Care to join me?

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  1. ay dehins to totoo
    mahal kaya pagkain natin sa wendy’s

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