Plain Friday

At 5 am, I was composing a text message to my deputy about not being able to go to work today.  When I was about to send it, I woke up.

I was at work on time.  I was down one person so I stepped in.  I was about to go to the cafeteria when it turned 12. I bowed my head and woke up at 12:55.

The afternoon was equally uneventful. Busied myself with more cases and preparations for the workshop next week. RFM and I polished the program details for the wedding we’re hosting on Monday.

Oh, too much Michael Jackson talk. Farrah Fawcett, too. RIP. Let us allow them to really rest in peace. I sure hope people will zip it in a few days.

Found myself in Midtown with RFM and LC to watch Transformers 2, armed with crates of junk food.

transformers 2Transformers 2 has more metal clashing against metal scenes so it was better in that sense than the first.  It was not astounding but I felt so happy before the movie started, like a little girl about to see her favorite Disney princess live. Something like that. 

I enjoyed it more because I was not alone which meant I did not have time to nap. FYI, it was an involuntary action when I watch movies alone. Not for too long though, only about 5 minutes max.  I really do not know why.

In a nutshell, I still love Ironhide and Bumblebee, it’s too bad the “female” Autobots died, Fallen and Megatron were still ugly, Megatron’s voice was sexy though (because it was Hugo freaking Weaver!),  the aged Decepticon (with a cane pa, parang si House lang :)) was amusing, the ascendants of the Autobots were offensively skinny, and it’s so cool to see Optimus Prime with some parts of a Decepticon.  I would love to have for a bodyguard the original Optimus Prime look though.

We girls had great laughs over lines in the movie which one of us can definitely use in the office. 🙂

Was home early with a pounding headache. Despite that minor glitch, today, Friday has been okay. Have a great weekend, humans.

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4 replies

  1. ganda ng poster
    mapanood nga

    • sige watch mo, wag ka na mag-OT sa weekend, hahaha!

      thanks again kanina ha. you didn’t have to buti na lang andun si D***e kaya nahatid mo ako. ahahaha! i love you 🙂

  2. Hahaha napicture ko bigla si House and the Aged- Decepticon.

    I was enjoying the movie as well especially the scene wherein the “Pretender” was being tortured by Bumblebee inside the car. Saya!

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