House ssshhEverything I wanted to blog about tonight will go to my journal.  I decided on this 250 words into this entry.  Mixed feelings enveloped me this week and I really have lots to tell.  Writing them down would put my new orange gel pens into very good use, yun na lang siguro. At the end of each day, ako naman wala ng problem and just when finally natutunan ko na that not everything is about me, saka ko naman napansin na ganito lang pala yun. Naninibago ako pag wala akong hang-ups, kasi ang mga tao around me marami pa rin nun.  Anyway, unfortunately for my fellow drama queens, I’m not into it like before.  I will still be fangirl happy, still feel very accomplished, feel slightly disappointed, get pissed big time, but it will be easier for me to shrug them all off.  Trip trip lang, lahat naman yata tayo dumadaan sa point na we cannot comprehend if some people are still mad, if they wanted more space, chose to ignore you to make more people happy, or sadyang bastos lang talaga. Oh well. I just want my friend back and what’s happening does not give me an answer as to why I cannot. 😦

It’s a long weekend for us! Grateful, grateful. I will use it very well. Go nerdy activities! 🙂

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4 replies

  1. i joined twitter na
    it’s pathetic

  2. yay long weekend! im working tomorrow though, so it’ll be a bitch to get out of the city on 4th of July!!

    anyway, we were talking about Disneyland last night, and Lee said he can’t wait to meet you daw. =D

    is it December yet?

    • uy, touched naman ako kay Lee. can’t wait to see you all, too.

      let’s wait a little more…ayoko pa mag-december. kulang pa ang budget. wahahaha!!! 🙂

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