tattooed on my mind

my flickr setsI had the energy to fix my online albums only today.  It’s an activity that was forgotten for a while.  People have noticed I refrained even from taking pictures now.  I also do not know exactly why.

I can only guess it’s because I learned to go through each experience with utmost enjoyment even without still souvenirs, because the main purpose of taking photos is to preserve the memories of each and every event, right? I may not remember each tiny detail in the future but I made sure I was THERE as it was happening.

I do not need too many pictures to make a memory complete.  This is in harmony with a very recent resolve to make each moment count, make each experience a reflection of a complete me.  I said goodbye to my days of wishing for things I do not have, do not experience.  Whether they will come or not, it’s fine.  Right now, as long as I enjoyed, or even simply felt good, about something, it’s bliss enough for me. I have to thank my existentialism reading materials for this.  I refuse to consider it a shift, a change, for I know I’ve always been like this, it’s just that my id, ego and super ego made drama their constant playmate.  I must admit, I enjoyed it for a while, but now, I will simply let the chips fall where there may.

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  1. in my case, i dont have enough external memory anymore. so soon ill be doing the same thing.

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