It’s so random, you can eat it.

When traffic gets strange along Quirino Avenue in the morning, either a politician is passing through or there’s a traffic enforcer in Quirino cor. Taft.  Lately, it was because of the latter.

I very rarely ask for a sign when I want an answer to something but regarding my latest life plan, I just did.  Do I still need to learn the nitty-gritty details of The Secret? 

The Booksale branch in Mall of Asia is so organized. The branch in Pedro Gil has great book selections…or it doesn’t get frequented to so the good stuff are left unsold.  I have never seen any David Baldacci book in any Booksale branch.

I am truly Pinoy in that I am very tone deaf but trust me to hog the mic during a videoke session.  I don’t even have to be drunk.  When I am drunk, I sound better.  Just like the way I talk in straight English when I’m wasted, most of the time still making sense, if not more sensible than when I’m sober. 

I still feel uncomfortable when told I delivered a job well-done. I am struggling to believe the fact that people will not waste time saying it if they did not mean it.

I want to go to an island and rest.

Categories: Bookworm Judie, Citizen Judie

3 replies

  1. 2 araw na kaming nagde-date ni cualing

    • guess who’s back from the dead??? not michael jackson!!! nge, corny.

      i’m aliiiive! feeling ko mamamatay na ako kahapon. ang nasa isip ko, paano ko pa mababasa yung 987 books sa shelves ko na matiyaga kong ni-hoard sa loob ng seven years?!

      anyway…glad you and laine had time together. bawi ako next week. MSC tayo thursday di b?

      namiss kita yummy friend! *kiss*

  2. pasok kana bukas?
    kain tayo sa labas nina cualing!

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