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July 15, 11:36 pm, Manila. My connection is being a total b*tch tonight but when I get home tomorrow, I will post my John Mayer entry because I’m so overflowing with love. Hahaha! Raft3r, you meticulous, Janet’s Twitter non-friend, work faster tomorrow so we can finish our business earlier…so I can make my John Mayer entry. The love, the love.  Dinamay pa si Chris Botti! 🙂


I’m giving these stuff back to Raft3r. I’ve changed.  I now know how to let go of things that are unfinished, unresolved. Hahaha!  I’ve only gone until page 152 in Breaking Dawn. It’s something I could have finished in one sitting but we’re not just working out! I put up until Eclipse, I think that’s enough.  As for Heroes, I stopped in episode 9 in 2007.  I watched the series again and I cannot move past episode 13.  Again, something’s not just working out. 🙂 Everything is a matter of unique taste.

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  1. That’s season 1 of Heroes right? I only got up to episode 13 or something there. It’s not because of the show but because I didn’t have time then. I heard the following seasons were not that good though so I guess I made the right decision.

    I wouldn’t even comment anymore about Twilight. I’ve had enough of that. Hehe…

    Thanks for linking me up! Already added you too although I only directly linked it to your bookworm category. ^_^

  2. *gasp* I cannot believe you’re not onboard with twilight! I finished all 4 books the week I was in Hawaii. Couldn’t put it down. It might be the high schooler in me…

  3. oh my gosh, you’re such a prude!!!! 🙂 dahil yata yan nung nilabas ko lahat para i-pictorial kasama ng breaking dawn, hahaha.

    on the bright side, kung pinunas ko yang prints nyan di magagasgas naman tulad ng ALLEGEDLY nangyari desperate housewives. kaloka ka. kaya ka di finafollow ni bestfriend janet eh. hehehe.

  4. sana lang walang fingerprints ang ilalim ng dvds

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