Strumming My Non-Pain With His Fingers

The anticipation to let this out isn’t like last night.  Still, let me show the videos that made me so flighty last night. 🙂

I was a latebloomer to John Mayer‘s music but I know his more popular songs like Daughters and Gravity (when it was used in a House episode).  About 20 months ago, I began listening to his albums; people who share office space with me could affirm that the songs have been playing over and over in my workstation. His albums Room For Squares, Heavier Things and Continuum contributed so much to the soundtrack of my crazy 2008 and early 2009. I am eagerly waiting for his album in the works, Battle Studies, to finish.

I have to admit I became more interested when he dated Jen Aniston. Hmm, guilty pleasure, hello, Jen/Rachel Green? That’s when I discovered he’s awesome in Judie standards.  As my friends put it in gayspeak, bonggang bongga si John Mayer sa aking libro. Have you seen his “performance face”? Yun parang contorted in a way you can’t place if in agony or in freak pleasure? I love love love it. 🙂 🙂 🙂 Let’s not forget how he plays the guitar very well (again, in my barometer).  Amazing, graceful fingers! Hmmm. *keels over*

Two nights ago, my friend Rach casually asked me if I already watched John and Chris Botti’s performance. WHUT? John Mayer and Chris Botti in one sentence, more so in one performance? How the hell did I miss it? Thanks to youtube, I found it.  It was on Letterman last Thanksgiving; I watched his previous Thanksgiving appearances on that show eh malay ko bang pati 2008 di nya ise-spare.  Anyway, here it is. Sabi nga ni Chuvaness, eyeloveit 🙂

A few months later, John was a guest in Chris’ show where, guitar-less, he sang Sinatra’s Glad To Be Unhappy. Niiice.

I like all of John Mayer’s songs but if I have to rank them, my top four would be St. Patrick’s Day, Vultures, I’m Gonna Find Another You and Slow Dancing In A Burning Room.  Short pa ng isa, top five na sana, hahaha! Let’s say the rest share the fifth spot. 🙂

Here’s his performance of Slow Dancing In A Burning Room which I particularly love:

Spanking guitar. Love his hair, too. Ganyan mga gusto ko. S*x hair! Hahaha! 🙂

Here’s when he sang I’m Gonna Find Another You three Thanksgivings ago:

Finally, here’s John doing my most favorite rendition of St. Patrick’s Day.  Type ko yung energy level nya here. Subdued kasi yung sa iba when he sang this. Look at his face! 🙂 🙂 🙂 1:11 made me giddy and starting from 2:04 till the end, kinikilig na ako. Yeah. 🙂


There. Now that they’re off my chest, I’m feeling okay. 😉 I believe I haven’t used this many smileys before. 🙂 🙂 🙂 [O ayan na naman.]

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  1. Hayyoonga ramdam ko ang kilig mo using those smileys =)

    One of the good songs from John Meyer > I don’t trust myself with loving you =)

    heres the lyrics


  1. O hai there, John Mayer! « muddling through

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