Friday and the CAPS LOCK Anomaly

I’m sure I’m like most metro dwellers who woke up at 5 am, expected to go to work. It’s easier to sleep longer but responsibility tugged harder. If not for my two VERY IMPORTANT MEETINGS, I was very tempted to stay at home. Anyway, I didn’t, went to the office, ate taho and drank irish nut latte because I WAS VERY SLEEPY AROUND 10 AM, BIGTIME.

My two important meetings were with the group I recently became part of. I successfully goaded my colleagues into putting me in there. LOL. I was tasked to do what is potentially the most exhausting role in the group. And it will be for TWO YEARS. It’s very daunting, slightly frightening even but hey, I’m just going to look at it positively.  I was looking for ways to keep me stimulated and I may not get it thru the form I wanted, this stint is STILL a good way to do it. I may need to brush up MORE on my organizational and speaking skills because real important issues are involved.

Happy to finally be friends with colleagues from other agencies, too.

The rest of my day was great, and why wouldn’t it be, we were dismissed early! I planned to go home and sleep but since I was too easy, I wasn’t able to resist Rach and Raft3r when they agreed by themselves to drop us off in Greenbelt. LOL. KFC’S FAMOUS BOWL= WIN.

Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince= semi win. See, SEVERUS SNAPE IS THE SHIZNIT. DRACO MALFOY IS HOT. BELLATRIX IS MY IDOL. I WANT TO DRESS LIKE LUNA LOVEGOOD IN FUTURE PARTIES. I didn’t care about how good or bad it was compared to previous ones. I’m not a hardcore fan, I was happy learning LUMOS MAXIMA and hoping to use it when lights in the office automatically turn off due to lame detection of movement. It’s a minor complaint I carry with me, the major one being I HAVE NO FUCKING WINDOW.

Anyway, before Harry Potter, I was swayed by my money-burning friends to buy the 4th season box set of House because it was on sale. It was even tagged lower than my “Sale” budget. So I did. I only realized now that the set does not have the special features. THE FUCKING SPECIAL FEATURES. Do you have any idea how much they mean to me, the audio commentaries, the cast interview, and more?! My geek fangirl side is very mad. Hmph. Should I blame Fox for this? *looks at the DVD box* Hmm. DAMN YOU, UNIVERSAL. It’s not that I’m unhappy at all with it. Of course, I am happy. The TV lover inside this poor big girl only invests in original shows I love (i.e. FRIENDS, ALL OF AARON SORKIN’S TV SHOWS, HOUSE). So I’m also happy, in one way.

Taking off from that, sige na nga, it’s been a while since I saw episodes from my SECOND FAVORITE season of House. I just watched HOUSE’S HEAD and WILSON’S HEART and it still left me awed…and happy (can you be awed AND sad, ano ba?). This weekend, I can watch again the Survivor-type selection of House’s new fellows, HIS EVALUATION OF CUDDY, SWEETSAUCE, CUDDY LETTING HOUSE RUN IN THE HOSPITAL “LIKE A MONKEY IN A BANANA FACTORY”, CATE MILTON, and many more.

My mother might be disappointed because she thought yesterday I am going to have my The West Wing marathon WHEN SHE LEAVES ME ONCE AGAIN TO WATCH THE HOUSE…not knowing I WILL DO SO AND I WILL WATCH HOUSE, TOO. Hahahaha, corny. God, I just hope there would be enough food for me for two days.

The tall cup of coffee with Irish nut syrup is still kicking my full-size aortic pump.


Still, the tall cup of coffee with Irish nut syrup is kicking my full-size aortic pump. Happy weekend, fellow goddesses, and also to the rest of you, mere mortals.

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9 replies

  1. Hehehe, I like luna’s dress too. 🙂

  2. money-burning friends pala, ha
    arsonist na pala kami

    see ya when i get back
    dalaw ka malibay, ha
    mahina ang benta

  3. Hugh Laurie pala bakit my Hugh’s (my bad)

  4. Aphrodite I saw one of Hugh’s Laurie interview in a mag kaso yun mag e Play*** kaya parang di naman ata appropriate kung ipabili ko sayo hehe don’t ask me how did I get hold of the mag ha ( mg-explain?) I’ll check nalang anong month and I’ll copy yun relevant na sinabi nya hehe

    • Thanks…Venus! Hahaha, naging Roman na. Hey, dont bother but thanks. I got that Playboy interview ONLINE. Wahahaha! Alam mo naman ang mga fans, generous! 🙂

      I like interviews tulad nun because he wasnt asked about his American accent and his Olympian father. Kasi sa loob ng anim na taon ng House, yun lang lagi tinatanong sa kanya. Eh ang talino kaya nya; di lumalabas ang substance nya sa mga bobong tanong. Yun lang. Hahaha!

  5. Surprise surprise, I haven’t watched Harry potter. I did buy tix for Sunday, so we’re watching the first show para mura at walang masyadong tao. Then last minute shopping. We leave for Jamaica on Monday. Yipee!!


  1. Still here! « muddling through

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