Do That To Me One More Time

Another online activity was added to my daily surfing agenda.  I am slowly regaining my interest to do html coding.  I used to do it when I was in Blogger.  I learned everything from scratch.  I have had satisfactory templates there until fandom snatched me away (as in TV show fandoms, LOL) so I lost interest in it and switched blog providers. 

Above is a screenshot of my latest attempt.  I still cannot see the end of this project but I’m enjoying it. Tweaking, trying different fonts and colors, adjusting resolutions. Dorkiness, yes? I found enjoyment in doing it again just when I thought I can finally devote time to Farm Town, Mafia Wars, Street Racing, Castle Age and Sorority Life. Hahaha! I’m a such a geek, I love it. You?

Categories: Citizen Judie, Random Judie

4 replies

  1. gawan mo ako pwede?
    i’m back to using shitty blogger default templates

    • sure, sure! ang tagal na ng offer ko na yan!!!

      pero i realized kelangan ko nga pala ng access sa blogger account mo, otherwise, i will create a dummy page then doon mo na lang tignan kung gusto mo yung layout sans all your personalized contents. (yesss, seryoso?)

  2. nice! you should do it again. galing eh.

    • salamat, dong! pero halos MADE na ang template na yan nung kinuha ko….usog usog lang at konting tweak ng items ginawa ko jan hehe. pero fun pa rin. nakakalibang. para kang nagco-cross stitch online. hahaha! 🙂

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