Another online activity was added to my daily surfing agenda.  I am slowly regaining my interest to do html coding.  I used to do it when I was in Blogger.  I learned everything from scratch.  I have had satisfactory templates there until fandom snatched me away (as in TV show fandoms, LOL) so I lost interest in it and switched blog providers. 

Above is a screenshot of my latest attempt.  I still cannot see the end of this project but I’m enjoying it. Tweaking, trying different fonts and colors, adjusting resolutions. Dorkiness, yes? I found enjoyment in doing it again just when I thought I can finally devote time to Farm Town, Mafia Wars, Street Racing, Castle Age and Sorority Life. Hahaha! I’m a such a geek, I love it. You?

Posted by:Ms. J

4 replies on “Do That To Me One More Time

    1. sure, sure! ang tagal na ng offer ko na yan!!!

      pero i realized kelangan ko nga pala ng access sa blogger account mo, otherwise, i will create a dummy page then doon mo na lang tignan kung gusto mo yung layout sans all your personalized contents. (yesss, seryoso?)

    1. salamat, dong! pero halos MADE na ang template na yan nung kinuha ko….usog usog lang at konting tweak ng items ginawa ko jan hehe. pero fun pa rin. nakakalibang. para kang nagco-cross stitch online. hahaha! 🙂

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