“Noooo…” “I KNOW!!!”

FRIENDS!I so miss Friends!

I only realized this when I saw season 8 episodes on Star World for two days now. I have been too wrapped up in my House fandom but hell, I can still finish most lines from any of the six of them. I think I can still win any Friends trivia contest, LOL.

I am now watching random episodes from season 8. It is my 3rd favorite season, the first being Season 2 and second, Season 10. It’s like watching six people you haven’t seen in a long time 🙂 I have seen these episodes too many times that I can practically say the lines as an episode runs but they still crack me up. Did you know that Chandler, before going to advertising, was doing data configuration and statistical factoring/analysis, once working in charge of the WENUS (Weekly Estimated Net Usage Statistics) and the ANUS (Annual Net Usage Statistics)? Oh God, I’m a real dork, hahaha!

It would be cool to push through with a special Thanksgiving episode for them. It’s been floating since the series ended.  Now that it’s off the air for five years, it doesn’t sound tacky at all, does it?

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2 replies

  1. i miss phoebe
    and monica
    and joey
    and well, i miss all of them na nga

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