Because I like bossy :)

What a gloomy Saturday.

I spent my day resting and when I do that, I usually think of just anything. My thoughts turned to how I miss Cuddy reprimanding House. What can you do, I’m really a fan?! 🙂 Seriously, I think it’s connected to some career thoughts. They have been hounding me in little drops. Let’s just say some things are up in the air.

Anyway, let’s not allow serious life thoughts ruin my shallow weekend musings. 

It has been five years. Even if Cuddy’s authority started to dip as of late, I found her “This is beyond asshood!” line in last season’s finale a bit redeeming. Manood na kasi kayo ng House. Hahaha!

I will always love this scene in season 3 during House’s first few days back at work after being shot:

meaning - house

meaning - cuddy

Cuddy: You’ve been back at work 24 hours and you’re already playing hide and seek in a woman’s spine [who was paralyzed from the neck down from doing an inverted yoga pose].
House: What’s the worse that can happen? I paralyze her. She won’t even notice.
Cuddy: Her lawyers might. You’re not doing the surgery. And lower the morphine on your other patient.
House: Fine, I’ll lower it. If you’ll let me do the surgery.
Cuddy: What? You want a trade? We’re not swapping a couple of goats for your help putting up a barn.
House: You want something, I want something. We compromise. It’s the grown-up way to resolve our differences.
Cuddy: There already is a mechanism for that. It’s called the employer-employee relationship. I get what I want and you don’t.

(from House, MD, Season 3, Episode 1, “Meaning”)

I love season 3 the most because even if there seemed to be a development in their UST (unresolved sexual tension!) House/Cuddy work-related banters were interesting, too. When she got mad at House for not taking the Tritter problem seriously, I realized I love an angry Cuddy.  With matching hampas pa ng folder sa desk yun while saying, You’re not impressing anyone, you may call yourself principled but what you really are is a stubborn adolescent idiot!  Here’s something from the finale of that season, when House fired Dr. Chase in the middle of a case:

Cuddy: Pick up the phone, and tell Chase you made a mistake. Un-fire him.
House: [reluctantly picks up the phone and dials] Chase. If you know what’s on the PET scan, call me back. [puts the phone back down]
Cuddy: Chase is a good doctor!
House: Sorry, you’re in the wrong room. My name on the door, my team, my decisions.
Cuddy: My building, my floor, my people!
House: [the phone rings] Hold that reprimand.

(from House, MD, Season 3, Episode 24, “Human Error”)

Season 1 was peppered lots with Cuddy’s calm but agitated lines to House, like the “My guy will call your guy” bet and a personal favorite, “YOU. IN THE LOBBY. NOW.

There are many many many more. I really love their dynamic, second to House/Cuddy/Wilson, my OT3 🙂

Maybe I feel an affinity toward women bosses. Just a while ago, I had a blast watching Shirley Schmidt (Candice Bergen in Boston Legal) ream people in the law firm for doing stuff not to her liking. Maybe the same reason applies to why I enjoyed Sandra Bullock’s character in The Proposal. I can be considered a boss of a very small group but I know I am in no way close to being like these fictional arse-kicking bosses.  When a situation calls for it, let’s see if I can be like them.  For now, I’ll treat these characters as my ‘corner office bitch’ mentors. 🙂

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