Do Not Disturb.

They will be my company this weekend as I take a rest a few miles southwest of Manila.  I am back to reading YA novels and I’m simultaneously welcoming fantasy/SF in my reading plate. As you go about your weekend, you may consider going to the big anniversary sale of Fully Booked in Bonifacio High Street which will be in full swing until tomorrow.  When I got inside the shop last night, I felt all my stress go away. It’s happiness which seemed like nothing else in the world is going on. Hahaha! Ah, my simple forms of blissful existence.  Have a happy weekend, fellow bookwhores.

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4 replies

  1. naku
    kaya naman pala todo aya sa the fort

    nood ka darna
    sexy ni marian
    da best
    hindi mukhang katulong gaya ng starlet sa kabila

    • di naman kita inaaya. nagpapahatid ako sa’yo. may difference yun. hahaha 🙂

      anong starlet na mukhang katulong, ang galing nga umarte ni angel eh. taob yang darna mo. konti na lang kasintaba ko na yan eh. bungisngis pa ng bungisngis sa lamay ni tita cory. ano ba yan. kay rosalinda ka na lang kasi!

  2. Oh man! I’m still on book 2 and I’m such a slow reader so you’ll probably be craving for the last book already in a couple of days. Oh well, happy reading!

    • Thanks, Patrick! I’m still on the 3rd book. Might wait for the last installment to be in trade copy because it will not be consistent with the other 4 if I buy the hardback now. Yeah, I’m kinda OC like that 😉

      Enjoy the series!

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