.caduceus is the new sexy.


This is part of a subtle House promotional countdown for season 6 titled Snakes on a Cane. Clever, ‘no? 

There are too many House shirts I missed buying. I will get on them soon. I still hear of the limited availability of Normal’s Overrated shirts and there are also a few “Property of Princeton-Plainsboro Teaching Hospital” pieces of clothing that I fancy.

Anyway, a month and a half to go until House season 6!!!

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4 replies

  1. hhmmmm…
    sinimulan mo na ba?
    wala na kasi yun link page ko, eh

  2. tsk,tsk
    akala ko pa naman may john mayo post kana dito

    btw, help me naman with my html
    as in ngayong araw na

    • uy sorry i was out the whole afternoon!

      hahaha, ang ganda ng john mayo joke ano?! papalitan ko na si tina fey muwahahaha…

      re: html…see my comment on your latest blog entry.

  3. pucha
    season 6 na pala si mokong
    di man lang ako makalampas sa episode 3 ng season 1

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