love webcomics, not yet a nerd

One of the things that occupy me right now is reading webcomics. I know, I know, I should buy real comics. Except that I do not like comics that much, unlike my regard for books (I even expressed my non-preference for a Kindle, remember?). As most comic books are expensive, the accessibility of webcomics appealed to me.

Of the different webcomics out there, from wholesome to NSFWs, from dark to shallow and humorous, from tri-weekly serials to completed web editions, here are the top webcomics that I enjoy. Click on the image to go the websites, I’m too lazy to explain the synopsis of each. Sorry!

(^This was introduced to me by my friend and officemate Sharon. We both have trilobite pins now…parang yung pendant ni Agatha Clay, the Girl Genius. Get the link by mousing over the image; it will lead you to the very first webcomic strip in the series.)

(^They’re shallow and funny. Basta makukulit silang mga ninja na minsan may pagka-stupid yung iba. At the bottom of the website link, you will find the NEXT button, just in case you want to follow their (mis)adventures.)

(This was before McDreamy and McSteamy, hahaha! Hindi din naman sya katulad ni House. Pero mysterious sya so I like him. Eh ninja pa!)

(Like the Ninja Burger crew, they can be silly and makulit. Minsan nerdy terms but nakakarelate naman ako.)


There are more out there. Google your heart out if you want to find them. Madali lang naman. Hay, doing this made me wish it’s September already so I can have my weekly dose of The Big Bang Theory.  Right now, I’m only into Warehouse 13 and Being Human (which, by the way, I believe you should try as well). I did dabble into Torchwood: Children of Earth, too but it’s too much mindf*ckery! It’s good though.

Yeah, I heard you, I’m stopping already. Sabi nga ni Boy, Now na. 🙂

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2 replies

  1. yummy friend!
    kamusta naman ang gym
    janet body ba ang habol natin?

    btw, yun html na gawa mo is now up
    kaso may glitch pa din
    how come yun name at slogan ng gumawa ng skin nasa ibabaw ng header natin

    pwede pa ba maalis yon?


    • okay naman ang gym-gyman. nanood lang ng will & grace at ANTM habang binubuno ang 480 cals na dapat ma-shed per day. leche ang laki nun. di bale, DISCIPLINE lang, janet body na ito soon. bwahahaha…

      anyway, yup, matatanggal pa yang “header on the header” na yan. thats what i was telling u dis morning. sige bukas i’ll show you the codes, tanggalin natin. hirap ako mag-edit pag di printed eh. kulang na ako sa carrots 🙂

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