Save the dates!

Mark your calendars and planners, set your phone alarms, for the Fall TV premieres in the US are here! In hindsight, I am waiting for the time when I will be this excited over local shows. Anyway, here’s my personal guide so I can set my priorities well. Hahaha!

September 9      – GLEE, new series (that high school musical drama on Fox; it premiered after American Idol, if I’m not mistaken, and got popular reviews, so the second episode is finally arriving in less than two weeks!)

September 14    – GOSSIP GIRL, Season 3 (I have to catch up on this one though. I stopped watching after the 3rd episode of season 2)

September 21    – THE BIG BANG THEORY, Season Three (I’m very excited to learn what will happen after the guys’ trip to the North Pole!)

September 21    – HOUSE, MD, Season 6 (Hello, do I need to say more? Oh, yeah, I have something. Lookie below!)

Season 6 wall promo

September 23    – COUGAR TOWN, new series (I had the mistake of reading a review which affected my anticipation of the show. I should not have clicked on that. Anyway, it’s my Courteney Cox-love that will make me watch this.)

September 27    – DESPERATE HOUSEWIVES, Season 6 (It seems a century ago when I watched the fifth season finale! We were kept hanging as to who Mike married though smart money’s on Susan. Pero we’ll never know! Wisteria Lane drama can be good for you, too!)

September 27    – BROTHERS & SISTERS, Season 4 (Like GG, I also need to catch up with the Walkers. I will, very soon.)

Didn’t find your choice show/s? Here is a very helpful guide. There are lots of shows that I may return to after watching the above (my “regulars”). For instance, I still miss the three CSIs from time to time. Californication, too. Grey’s Anatomy has always been first in line of my “I will move past your season one if I find time” queue, next is Heroes (now that SH gave me a season 2 box set!). There are also existing mid-season shows I follow apart from my regulars – Warehouse 13 (which I’m beginning to ‘ship’!), Hung and a few Torchwood and Being Human episodes. Should Chelsea Lately count as well? I’m getting my fix in youtube anyway!

Do you see now where I waste my precious time? Time well spent, if you ask me. I can still squeeze reading, dining out, watching movies, yakking with friends, working (oh…) and occasional bitching in between. So far, so good. 🙂

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8 replies

  1. Can’t wait for Sept 21 🙂

    • ayyy, so may 2 comments na palang ganito???

      i have nothing to say. ay madami pala pero TINATAMAD ako, hahaha 🙂

      nasa twitter na lang ako yummy friend, all the time. i have detached myself. hihihihi 🙂

  2. the accompanying photo is disturbing

  3. Wheeeeeeeee! I love DH and House. There is also Law & Order SVU for me which I’m sure starts soon too. I’m excited about DH!!

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