Mga ahas!


Gotcha! Sources said that wasn’t Photoshopped. Cool.

Two more weeks of waiting! There was some furor over leaked storylines in the two-hour season premiere; reliable rundown of people who were given passes to watch the episode in its entirety. They said there’s going to be a huge surprise and said surprise did not fare well with selected shippers. I will still watch it unlike many in the fandom who declared they will be skipping it. I am a shipper, too, but in the end, I watch the show because of House alone. Everything is and should always be around and about him, bida kaya sya? Isa pa, character development is always good especially after five successful years of airing.

p.s. Yummy friend, eto na. Eto na yung bago. Unless may topic ka na gusto. I’m taking requests. Tinatamad nadin ako mag-isip. Wag lang pala mathematical equations and scientific theorems.

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4 replies

  1. I just saw a commercial for the upcoming epi… I saw him kissing another woman, maybe his psychiatrist? =( anyway, i’m excited!! everytime there’s a House commercial, I watch and rewind… =)

    • Lapit na, Lai!!! Yeeeeeee!

      Hai, that girl is Franka Potente. Not only kiss, House will sleep with her. Yahahaha, spoiler pimp ako!!! Sorry! Basta yun ang chismis, kaya yung ibang House/Cuddy fans, nagdeclare ng boycott. Nakakaloka sila. Affected talaga!

  2. talaga?
    di yan photoshopped?

    tinatamad kang mag-isip?
    gayahinmo na lang yun latest post ko
    madali lang yon

    see you tom!

    • oo, di daw yan photoshopped. sedated lang yung mga snakeys. mas pro pa nga sa hollywood yang mga yan kesa kay hugh laurie.

      pwes, magrereminisce lang pala eh. madali lang yon. kaso kung gagayahin kita ng tipong “A year ago today…” wag na lang. mapapahamak na naman ako. hehe.

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