Oh, I have an “I’m mad” blog. LOL.

I have an “I’m mad!” blog.  I made it in 2006, specifically when I was emotional after my father’s death.  The posts weren’t related to my father at all, but about mundane things na for some weird reason I got very pissed off of easily (as if may nagbago?). I was cleaning my wordpress dashboard when I saw it. I last posted there in December 2006. Natatawa na lang ako sa reasons ng mga kinagalit ko dati. Still, I felt it that time so hindi ko sya ida-downplay. To each his/her own.

See, I had a long, angsty, angry entry before this.  As I said, publishing said angry entry is another matter than simply typing them down.  I’m not hung up on it anymore, kaya lang, I re-read that post and more than the message I wanted to convey – which I don’t care about anymore now – sayang naman ang wordplay and effort ko if it will be left in my Drafts folder.  So I posted it in my “I’m mad!” blog.  Hahaha.

So to you, if you like, ‘yun ngayon ang hanapin mo para hindi man ako mag-post ng bago dito regularly, at least, you will have something to do. Sayang ang click mo eh. I always aim to please kasi. Hahaha 🙂


Ten days to go and it’s the season 6 premiere of House!!!

Spoilers and episode leaks are coming everyday from reliable sources.  A lot of people are angry already. Sobra talaga silang invested, laos na laos ang emotional investment ko sa show.  Majority of them who are angry are House/Cuddy followers and while I am one of them, I love the show as whole eh. Bakit ko iboboycott? Di ko makita ang point.  Anyway, so what if Cuddy and Lucas will be in a relationship? They look cute together. I bet Lucas will be an awesome baby Daddy to Rachel. and a jealous House is something I look forward to see, if  anything.  Hahaha, I hope I didn’t ruin anything. 🙂

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2 replies

  1. guess what?
    nag-ot ako kanina

    btw, txt mo naman sakin yun venue ng burol ng tatay ni pongster
    di kona alam kung ano na number mo kaya di kita katext, eh

    thanks, yummy friend!

    it’s not nice to be mad

    • sent you an SMS already. dito pa ba gumawa ng appeal na ganun for info? hahaha!

      i’m not mad. anymore. life is too short to be spent in anger. nakaka-pimples pa yun.

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