Finally, drama kings & queens are back on TV.

Melrose Place 2009

I liked the pilot episode of the new Melrose Place.  It’s the same skanky 4616 drama that hopefully will make many people hooked again.  The first MP gradually became like that towards the end of season 2 already.  I stopped watching since because my 17-year old self preferred the tongue-in-cheek humor of Ally McBeal. I didn’t regret it.

So, the new MP. Only one episode has aired so I cannot say if it’s really something worth following. However, judging from what I just saw, if everything heats up in upcoming episodes, I see no reason why I’ll not follow it. Trashy drama among drama kings and queens in one apartment complex really makes me happy. LOL. This is definitely better than the resurrection of 90210.

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7 replies

  1. may podcast na tayo ng interview ni jen mo sa chelsea
    will you show on tuesday

    happy weekend!

  2. yun pilot episode ng melrose place libre for download sa iTunes ngayon!

  3. i miss ally mcbeal! i had the soundtracks before (they released several). now i don’t know where they are. hanapin ko nga at malagay sa ipod. will surely take me back to high school and college days.

    • i miss it, too! it has reruns here but it’s shown in the middle of the day. not friendly at all to working people 🙂

      love the soundtracks din. pati yung mga quotable quotes nila. nililista ko pa yun dati. hahaha 🙂

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