A Reminder From Tigger

tigger blog break

Seriously, more than a hundred books bought in the last 9 months alone, add to my already huge piles of TBR? I have to do this. This is an investment where I enjoyed raking in the supplies but haven’t gotten serious in managing them. So, see you later, my loves. Don’t wake me up, I’m not sleeping. I can still see you. 😉

Edit 2: I am active on Twitter in case you’re interested to know what current mess I’m embroiling myself in. Hahaha!

Edit 1: Before we temporarily part, let me share the latest books I acquired:

Manila International Book Fair 2009

  1. The Forsyte Saga – John Galsworthy
  2. Jude The Obscure – Thomas Hardy
  3. Daniel Deronda – George Eliot
  4. The Crimes of Love – Marquis de Sade
  5. The Misfortunes of Virtue – Marquis de Sade
  6. Eugene Onegin – Alexander Pushkin
  7. The Wind-Up Bird Chronicle – Haruki Murakami
  8. Killing Time in a Warm Place – Jose Y. Dalisay
  9. Soledad’s Sister – Jose Y. Dalisay
  10. Cubao Midnight Express: Mga Pusong Nadiskaril Sa Mahabang Riles ng Pag-Ibig – Tony Perez

Powerbooks Power Sale 2009

  1. The Discomfort Zone – Jonathan Franzen
  2. The Insatiable Spiderman – Pedro Juan Gutierrez
  3. Kiss My Book – Jamie Michaels
  4. Literary Russia: A Guide – Rosamund Bartlett and Anna Benn
  5. The Good Wife – Stewart O’Nan
  6. The Fratricides – Nikos Kazantzakis
  7. Fatal Eggs – Mikhail Bulgakov
  8. Valparaiso – Don DeLillo

Fully Booked Anniversary Sale 2009

  1. Cat’s Eye – Margaret Atwood
  2. Night – Elie Wiesel

All of these books were bought between August 7 and September 19, 2009.

If you have your own TBR pile, I hope you find the inspiration to finish them off. Goodluck!


11 thoughts on “A Reminder From Tigger

  1. A hundred books? Wow! You buy too much. 😛

    Well, good luck in finishing all of them. I myself don’t even think I can finish by 2010 all the books I bought last year. 😦

    1. on equal footing sa sex. ROTFL.

      wag mo ibenta! someday when you’re super rich, papanoorin natin yan sa bigtime entertainment room mo.

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