Catching Up, Keeping Up


These shows will keep me company on boring days.  Major catching up and introduction of new stuff in my potato couch pipeline: Bones (season 1), Brothers & Sisters (season 3), Dexter (season 1), Grey’s Anatomy (seasons 1 & 2 – my loyalty will always be with this one hospital drama with a cranky doctor but it’s cool to branch out, and GA isn’t mainly about medicine but relationships and “a sorta roundrobin” of partners…right?), and The Mentalist (season 1).


my regulars Meanwhile, these are my ‘regulars’. Except for Flight of the Conchords whose 3rd season may or may not be made, I am watching out for current episodes of these shows every week.  I very rarely watch TV anymore because I take advantage of my very satisfactory wi-fi connection, sufficient to keep me updated with downloads (ehem) on scheduled days in a given week.  This is the schedule I follow to be updated with my regular shows. Manila time, of course: Monday – Desperate Housewives; Tuesday – House (highest priority, hehehe) and The Big Bang Theory; Wednesday – Melrose Place; Thursday – Cougar Town and Glee; Friday – Community and FlashForward.

I am also keeping my interest in The Vampire Diaries, Gossip Girl, Chelsea Lately, Hung and Mad Men up in the air.  There are too many TV shows nowadays that seem interesting but there’s only so much time we can spare to watch them.

How about you, what do you watch?

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  1. tapos ko na prison break
    pati yun nabili natin magkasama

    lost naman!

    happy weekend, yummy friend!

    • wow marathon talaga! goodluck sa Lost. i tried that but i ended up sleeping halfway through each episode, ewan ko ba.

      i’m busy catching up with my “regulars” [see above, lol] lalo pa was so occupied this week, la ako napanood. so no time pa din to watch the ones we bought last week.

  2. haha you watch community too?? i love joel mchale! i think i wanna get in on the whole Glee thing though…

    • i’m not so crazy about Glee, just the group performances. try it!

      i loooove Community! riot sina Abed. 🙂 i love it too when they call joel’s character with anything related to ryan seacrest.

  3. wow
    original lahat yan?


  1. Hey, you. « muddling through

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