Kiddie Size Update

O hai there!

I was on my way home one warm Thursday night when I thought of blogging again. I think it’s partially inspired by what Julie Powell did.  I put it off for today but the interest fizzled.  I ended up writing 6 full pages in my journal though.  Maybe my “major online disclosure” phase has ended, and I already detest typing lengthily on my rest days.  You can catch me a lot on Twitter though (see my sidebar right there? —>).

Overall, I’m doing well.  I’ve been occupied by wearing two hats particularly since Ondoy hit the country. I truly appreciate all the activities that came my way because I love the break from my work routine.  I got to expand my network in the office, too.  It’s mostly unanimous acts but seeing that I, as part of a group, made a small difference in the lives of our workmates, it’s really a great feeling. 

Aside from the (sometimes stressful) break from my office routine, I fortunately had an inspiration to up my game everyday. It’s still vague at best but I’m loving the feeling. If only for the momentum to make the most out of my eight hours at work, I’m going to thank this current feeling no matter how it will end in the future. Aja! *heart-shaped confetti falling*

I still hear talks, from different people, in regards to ECG. Honestly, I don’t care anymore. About the issue, at least.  I wish people would let everyone live in peace.  As expected, these talks are from people who are not privy at all to what happened and what did not happen between us.  I learned to shrug them all off because it’s like feeding the gossip mill.  I charged it to living in a democracy.  I cannot control what people choose to think and say about me.  Both of us are happy now, hopefully.  I used to feel slightly vindicated after sending my last email hurrah of sorts after what he did to me but now, I just laugh at it, mainly because my message has grammatical errors! Nakakaloka. Hahaha!  Anyway, it’s been a very quiet two months and I believe it did us good, and it will continue bringing us peace. We will be okay soon. 

If there’s one thing I feel bad about, it’s my sluggish reading phase.  It’s plain mediocre.  I have not finished a book in one month! I read some pages of various books I recently bought but I did not have the energy to stay on one.  Hell, I know it will come back.  I’m just occupied with too many stuff in real life and equally too many stuff in my TV fangirl life.  Reading is my one great love. I’ll have time for it, I say that with certainty.

I guess that’s about it.  Aside from my increasing anecdotes as a commuter, my semi-interesting life is moving along well. How about you?

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12 replies

  1. yummy friend!
    yummy friend!
    take a look at what i did with my blog!

  2. ano ba yan
    nakaalis at nakabalik na ako
    eto pa rin ang bago dito
    ako may bago
    as rin fresh na fresh

    i’m back!!!!!!!
    it’s hot in manila, ha

  3. karirin mo ito
    punuin mo ng comments yun bago ko at IKAW ang bida don!
    starlet ka na din

  4. Hi gurl,

    I’m glad you’re doing well. At dahil jan, I would like to share this quote with you from New Radicals. Its a post script from their song Someday

    “Seeing you in February was great
    cliches eventually all come true “time heals all
    wounds” I went to get us our ninth drink
    and you ran out the door with another guy
    I woke up on the floor with my shoes on
    A smile on my face and I don’t even care”


  5. ikwekwento ko na dito
    baka may maghinala pa

    bibili sana ako ngayon ng mini notebook
    pang blog lang ba

    kaso ang credit card na nanay ko
    bigla di umubra
    sobrang lungkot ko tuloy ngayon

  6. btw, ang balita ko ay tungkol sakin at hindi sa ibang tao
    mahirap ng ma-misinterpret

    syet ngayon ko lang nabasa maigi ang post mong ito
    ang haba kasi, eh

    mag comment ka sakin!!!

    grabe itong si lai

    • nag-comment na ako!

      bully lang si lai kasi she protects other people. naks. atsaka face it, nung bata ka di ba meron tlagang masarap i-bully kasi nakakairita? nagkataon pa malalaki na kami nun. hahaha!

  7. ay ano ba yan!! di pa rin pala tapos to!! =)

    oh, just wanted to let you know that i had a funny memory the other night.. remember when i got into a fight with Che Che back in i think grade 4 tayo non and she was grade 6… remember her?? and how i beat her ass?? lol la lang, for some reason, naalala ko lang…

  8. pano naman naging kiddie size ire?
    eh, katumbas nito ang isang buwan blog post ko sa dami ng salita

    happy sunday, yummy friend
    i love you

    ako ang may balita sayo
    pero sa lunes na
    yes, mambitin talaga

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