Hence the name.

It is the second day of a new year! Happy to still be alive and well.

My desire to blog has not fully returned.  I feel I have said too much in the past five years.  I am more on the reading end now.  I’m enjoying it!  But if there’s sufficient reason (or agitation – hahaha, kidding!) to do so, I probably would.  My keyboard needs more action, after all.

So far, I’m only dabbling in reading challenges.  Yes, I’m joining again but I significantly lowered the bar on myself.  I am not counting magazines and scholarly journals in the reading challenges even if they do figure out in my reading time.  So yeah, just plain books.  Those paper products that give me a euphoric feeling whenever I smell the pages.  Yes, yes.

I will be back to work in a day!  In one of our last meetings in 2009,  it was announced that MANY changes, both procedural and operational, will happen this year.  So yay for them!  I am, in truth, ecstatic to be part of these changes.  I have a business trip on the week before my birthday, too! Will extend until my special day but I still have no plans.  As I told some people, I may need to hook up with the locals to show me around or at least point me to the interesting corners of the island.

Speaking of my birthday, I will be 28 in sixteen days.  No fuss about it anymore.  There are days when I still can’t believe I’m nearing my thirties (for one, when I look at my mother,  I can’t help but think that I was already five years old when she’s 28) but I get over it easily.  More people are older than me! And no matter how much they say it’s fun to be young, hell, it’s more fun to be older!

It’s stuck in some secret corner of my 2010 plans but going back to school – yes, again – is another consideration.  I know it’s not AT ALL a measure of who you are but I want to have a graduate degree or two under my belt, not remain with an undergraduate degree forever.  It’s just me, okay?

With regard to my other favorite thing to do – watch TV, that is – I’m almost fully updated with my favorite shows.  The Christmas hiatus helped me finish them off.  It also helped that I watched some of them on the day they aired and I got some of them from Laieesha‘s DVR during my visit! (Thanks, babe!)  I also started following hockey and football games but admittedly, since I’m again away from people who can actually explain related stuff to me, my knowledge is slowly dwindling.  I’m still very interested, though.  I love learning new things.

So, I think that’s about it.  No drama anymore.  I still can do it and all but it’s not worth anything, if you ask me.

Whatever happens this year,  I know it’s going to be fantastic, awesome, badass, kickass for me.

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6 replies

  1. Happy new year Judie!

    *sigh* I know how you must feel. I’ve been blogging and reading on and off recently and I think that’s really a bad thing to do for a book blogger. Oh well, best of luck to you on your endeavours this 2010!

  2. i’m due for another long post too… miss reading ur blogs! =D

  3. somehow
    namiss ko din magbasa ng sobrang hahaba mong blog posts

    may bago ako
    you know the drill

    see you tom

    • see, na-miss mo din ako!
      sige, dadalaw na. quid pro quo naman ang blogging relationship natin na ito.

      see you tomorrow! sige, wendy’s. though may coupons ako sa jollibee, sayang din yun. hehe.

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