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I have a serious habit of starting a book and not finishing it.  Of the ones I was able to keep track of, the current total is 49 unfinished ones.  The others are buried deep in my shelves and only a major visit of these places would enable me to count just exactly how many needs to be finished.  I long stopped thinking of it as a problem simply because it is not.  I blogged about it almost four years ago and let me lift something from it that makes me feel okay about all of this:

Friends say that I suffer from a short attention span, but exactly the opposite is true. I do not stop reading books because I lose interest in them; if anything, I have too long an attention span, one that allows me to read dozens of books simultaneously without losing interest in any of them. Moreover, I have an excellent memory that allows me to suspend reading, pick up a book six months later, and not miss a beat.


Seven books out of 49 are within my reach.  Meaning, they are in my bag/s, bedside table, and tiny reading space beside my laptop (hence always easy to see).  I promised myself I will finish them if only to finally give them a rest and give the others a try.  Here are the lucky ones in my immediate reading block:

  1. Audition by Barbara Walters  – page 420 of 587
  2. The Battle of the Labyrinth by Rick Riordan – page 200 of 361
  3. Rose Madder by Stephen King – page 106 of 479
  4. In the Presence of the Enemy by Elizabeth George – page 90 of 623
  5. Microtrends: The Small Forces Behind Tomorrow’s Big Changes by Mark J. Penn – page 64 of 586
  6. The Age of Turbulence by Alan Greenspan – page 23 of 532
  7. The Women’s Room by Marilyn French – page 19 of 687

In a month, check my book page if you are curious to know which of them are already finished.

*   *   *

Interesting links:

Percy Jackson and the Bronze Dragon – If you are a Percy Jackson fan, you will like this short story by Rick Riordan set during a capture-the-flag competition where Percy and his friends had to battle the Myrmekes with the aid of…yes, a bronze dragon.

I loved Elizabeth Gilbert’s Eat, Pray, Love and if you want to read a commentary on her next book, Committed, here’s a article about it.  Quite spoilery.

I began loving steampunk while watching episodes of Warehouse 13.  Steampunk has been going on for years, and here’s a worthy article that asks, “What do we talk about when we talk about steampunk?

*   *   *

So, what about you?  What are you reading?

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15 replies

  1. hhmm.. so wouldn’t it be more convenient to have a E-reader? Kindle, Nook, or the Max-IPad?

    hey, your friend has Beedle the Bard lol love it! i finished reading that on the day i bought it… couldn’t wait kasi eh! haha

    i just re-read the Twilight Saga… i’m still in love with Jacob… in fact, im wearing my “Team Jacob” shirt sa work today, walang biro…

    i think i have a couple of Sparks books that i need to get to. I haven’t bought a book since Breaking Dawn… i’ve been re-reading the series, along with the unfinished Midnight Sun… addict eh!

    i think i want a Kindle…

  2. ehem
    nagbabasa na ako ulli

  3. maybe you are not that caught up with the ones you put down? sometimes when i am too engrossed reading i even control my bladder! LOL the last book i read was twenties girl by kinsella, good read.

  4. wow you da reader! I read books one at a time. Those i don’t finish, i never finish LOL!! The only books that can sneak in (while i’m in the middle of something) have to be comics. XD

    I’m still in the middle of Chronicles of Amber. Oh re steampunk, have you read league of extraordinary gentlemen? haven’t read it yet…i’ve been getting mixed reviews e!

  5. installment parang 0% interest sa credit cards?

    kamusta cebu, yummy friend!

    • O, kumusta din ang Cebu, yummy friend? May na-lure ka ba na pumunta sa Cagnaan bookstore sa Cebu IT Park? May napilit ka din bang bumili ng libro sa YA section ng Fully Booked sa ayala? Meron ba?

  6. i would be depressed (not terminally depressed though) if i can’t finish a book. but lately, ive been reading different books simultaneously, which i vowed to never do before. T_T

  7. Well you’re not the only one. But I end up not finishing a book I’m currently reading because by the time I reach the final chapters I get too excited to start the next book, the current one simply gets dropped off with me coming up with my own assumptions as to how it ended.

    It’s part of my New Year’s resolutions to remedy this issue and finish a book I’ve started to read until the last pages.

    Good luck to us all!

  8. Hi Judie! I guess I’m the exact opposite. I can never feel at peace knowing that I have an unfinished book. I also have a very short attention span that if I stop reading a book midway, after a week I won’t even know many of the people in it.

    Right now, I have 5 unfinished books. Mainly reading only 2 of them. One of the other three is the Beedle the Bard by JK Rowling. I have stopped reading that book for almost a year now. 😛

    And thanks for the Percy Jackson link!

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