I had a dream two nights ago and the number 514 was prominently there.

It was set in a small grocery shop unfamiliar to me.  I grabbed a huge bag of chips and two small bags of vanilla flavored potato strips. Yes, I remember these details vividly.

When I was at the counter, the total cost of the chips was P514.  I totaled all the money in my wallet and there were only P512.  I turned my bag upside down and found coins from different countries which the person at the register refused to accept.  I found a peso coin so I had P513.  The person at the register kept on saying I need to pay P514, P514, P514.  The rest of my dream had me pulling coins one by one but each of them wasn’t a Philippine coin.  It went on and on until I woke up.

I don’t want to think about the hidden meaning of said dream for it might only mean I am in, let’s just say, a steady financial bedlam.  Steady because it’s not gonna go away soon nor it’s going to go worse.  I’m fine.  Anyway, I digress.

The pulling out of the coins was reminiscent of our hilariously spontaneous Bingo night last Friday where CatRas decided that we should play for small change.  I didn’t have money in my wallet then, as in zilch, for I was counting on RM to bring me home.  I used up all five-peso coins in my bag because I kept on losing, and I decided to stop when I had nothing left but my US quarters and 100 yen coins – my playmates would only accept Philippine peso coins like the cashier in my dream.

As for 514, I don’t know what else to associate it with.  May 14? Ah, I’m at a loss.  What do you think?


6 thoughts on “514

  1. Baka nga May 14th kaya the cashier was yelling it to you hahaha

    Punta ka lit dito, babawi ako hehehe we’ll do more fun stuff now that i have moolah!

    1. i couldn’t fathom (naks, dictionary nga!) why i dreamt of that flavor eh. deeper meaning nga, please.

      naku, dapat ba isugal? i’m afraid.

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