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  1. scary scary scary!! D: good thing you were able to shake LUFG off. how terrible! ingat ka judie! (ps. amusing read though XD)

  2. Actually, you probably got saved from getting held up, because a lot of people get victimized in Osmena highway through “unsubstantiated claims” like that. Those people approaching to “help” the motorcycle guy are probably in cahoots with him. If you also left your doors unlocked, someone might just enter the cab and declare a stick up. A friend of a friend of mine actually got carnapped there when he got stuck in traffic. His doors were unlocked, so three guys entered his car, pointed knives at him, told him to get out of the vehicle, and took his Pajero.

    • That’s unfortunate, Tim! I heard too many stories of the same kind especially when the shanties by the railroad tracks were still there. In my case I feel it’s more of the “siga” factor of the aggressor.

      Thanks for visiting my blog, by the way!

  3. i know its not funny when you’re stuck in traffic and somebody choose to pick a fight on that day, but it was hilarious when you call him LUFG, and daydreamed na – “lumulutang na sya sa Pasig River at may mga water lily sa bibig”

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