Hey, you.

An inspiration to blog comes to me whenever I’m not in front of a computer.  I have not reached a point where I would start blogging from my phone.  It’s possible but I try to veer away from that possibility.  Twitter and foursquare should be enough when I’m out.

It’s also bad news for me that I haven’t had time to read my books when I vividly remember telling myself in January that I will do more than my mediocre 29 books read last year.

Work and its peripheries have been taking me away most of the time.  I started running, too.  As of late, I ran 2 races, and I’m scheduled to run three more in the next six weeks.  It’s fun! I noticed I gained more weight instead of losing it because, I don’t know, maybe I’m overcompensating for how much tired I get when I run? Clueless.

I refuse to say I have a life now because I’d like to think I still don’t, not in the outgoing, out-every-night kind of thing, at least.  Neither because I mean blogging and other related activities do not constitute having a life because it does, particularly for people who lucratively earn their living through them.

Anyway, at the moment, I’m happy with Twitter.  I even attended a Tweetup last week and met very interesting people. One night and there were private jokes already; they will cease to be private when we encourage more people to attend the next event.  Facebook is still pretty interesting but I’m planning on trimming my friend list soon.

What hasn’t changed is my TV show addiction.  I added Modern Family (it’s so hilarious, I swear!), Parenthood, Caprica, Chuck, and Castle in my regular mix.  In local, non-cable shows, I cannot say I have something I regularly watch but since I am sick of local TV network wars, I might just watch TV5 shows.

So yeah, still here.  I can see that you still are, too.  Hi!

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