Stay in the car!!!

I am aware of Chuck but I did not watch it until recently. I’m on the 4th episode of season 2 and I can say I am really enjoying it! Not the same level as my craziness over [H]ouse but it’s something that keeps me glued to my TV for hours. I may watch lots of shows but not many of them can do that to me. At the moment, I can include The Big Bang Theory, Community, and The Mentalist in that very short list. Oh, Desperate Housewives, too!

I love the dynamic of Chuck/Sarah/Casey. The Buy More gang are funny, too, and so are Ellie and Devon. I enjoyed Bryce Larkin’s appearances, too.  By being a TV show junkie, I also realized that TV actors, guest stars and bit players more especially, are practically everywhere.

I can understand Chuck fans now. It’s such a waste to end this show soon. Though knowing NBC, who has a congenital habit of axing shows just because, we can simply enjoy the remaining episodes until they last.

“Stay in the car!!!” is a prominent line on the show, especially in season 1.  Watch it to know how hilariously meaningful it is to each of their spy operations.

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7 replies

  1. at ano ang ginagawa ni ganns dito, ha ?!?

  2. Hi there! Swung in from Raft3r’s blog. I so agree with you on Chuck; it didn’t deserve to end as soon as it did.

    You have terrific insight on pop culture. I’ll be sure to add you up on my RSS reader. Have a terrific week ahead!

    🙂 ganns

  3. happy easter, yummy friend!!!

  4. one of the best tv series.. season 3 na ngaun sa US and hopefully soon sa pinas..

  5. meron ako nito sa itouch
    pero di ko pa din napapanood hanggang ngayon
    paborito kasi ito ng bro in law ko, eh


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