History, again.

I took this quote from my tumblr.  In its literal sense, I very rarely express preference for anything about theoretical history, only in less deeper forms of literature, but this quote struck me.  History is relative and its meaning is as vague as it can get – as you pick up from the specifications of “of what” and “of whom”, it will surely fan out fast.  A year ago, I found another passage related to the quote above, and made me say, “Oh, yeah.”

“History is what it is. You’ve got to understand it, take responsibility for it, and overcome it. You must avoid self-flagellation as much as historical blindness or an air of superiority. The best antidote to the politicization of memory is good history. We must hide nothing, teach everything, communicate everything, and draw constantly updated lessons for the future.”

History Strikes Back: How States, Nations, And Conflicts Are Shaping The 21st Century by Hubert Védrine

So, is this my cue to look back and lay out what I learned and did not learn so far?

Categories: Citizen Judie, Reflective Judie

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  1. hindi ka na pala virgin ke susie
    i am so proud of you
    how was it?

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