Biggest Loser, dungeon edition

Two weeks ago, my team and I started our Biggest (Weight) Loser contest.  It will run for three months.  No rules nor prescribed regimen.  Even medical procedure is allowed and we only included it because we know no one can afford to do it anyway. 🙂

We had our initial weigh-in and whoever loses the least number of pounds (not necessarily who’s the heaviest) after 3 months will treat the team for lunch or dinner and must spend a certain dear amount (meaning no Jollibee nor Yellow Cab and the like).  If someone gained weight after the initial weigh-in, the treat should cost a little higher. It’s a pretty inexpensive bet but it’s money nonetheless.

We had to take this drastic measure because we all gained weight horribly and it’s not funny anymore. I have always liked my curvy self, but I joined this ‘contest’ for health reasons. One of the many wonderful things my late father passed to all of us, his children, is rheumatism and on occasion, gout; my latest check up told me I’m almost there unless I change my lifestyle. Our family doctor told me I gained 34 pounds in four years. That’s a lot, and something must be done about it. As for my teammates, it’s a classic case of lack of control. Plus we noticed that as we got older, it really became harder to shed unwanted pounds.

I cannot speak for all of us but I don’t know why I, in particular, gained a lot this year. I observed that 4 years ago, humility aside, I was more financially liquid. So it means I was eating out a lot more, I was consuming more utterly sinful, preservative-filled, and calorie-bursting foods, yet my weight didn’t shoot up this high in the scale. Do you think they have a long “gestation” period that only after several years would they show up in your body? It seems like it.

What’s more odd is that I got bigger after I started running. It could be about overcompensation — like, after running 5k, my mind would tell me to eat a lot because I’m hungry from all the running. Yes, I should eat, but not exactly devour food like a vulture. Although I don’t know how much more I’ve been eating. I’d like to think I am eating the same amount as I do when I’m not in my post-running state, and I mostly eat within an hour after running — they say it’s still acceptable for the body is still burning fats. So I’m still pretty lost there.

Anyway, the game is on and I don’t know how I’m faring. I don’t aim to lose a lot of pounds. In fact, my ideal weight is 120 pounds but I view it as skinny. I would like to retain some flesh, little flabs here and there. Narcissistically speaking, I don’t want to be “just right” or “skinny” because I feel most people are like it, and I cannot stand out that way. Admit it, I’m easier to describe because I’m on the heavy side. Plus real women have curves. And we’re more fun to hug! 🙂

Come November, I will update you on the result of our contest. Some said I can easily spare the money needed from my year-end bonus so as not to stress myself, but frankly, I know I will not lose 🙂

P.S. Why dungeon edition? Well, if you know where my office is located, you would know. If you’re a fan of The West Wing, think of the office of Ainsley Hayes and Joe Quincy, although probably not that geographically deep from the entire office building. 🙂

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3 replies

  1. ay saya naman ng motivation nyo, why the hell is it easy for us to collect calories than burn them? anyways go go go judie!

  2. gising pa ako
    wala lang

  3. parang nakikita-kita ko na kung sino ang matatalo

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