O hai there, John Mayer!

Watching John Mayer made me wet.  Literally.

It was a rainy Friday night last October 1 when 18,000+ people (per Manila Concerts) trooped to the MOA Concert Grounds to watch John Mayer and his band perform for the first time here in the Philippines.  This concert was initially scheduled in May but was cancelled with no reason given [I can only guess it’s something about the security level given that it’s our national elections?].  Months flew by fast and thanks to my very awesome friends (Hi, Rhiza & Nena!), I scored 2 Gold tickets to watch the show.  I dragged Raft3r with me (and he sorta blogged about it, too) and it’s one of the most unforgettable events of my 2010, I swear.

I mentioned a few times in this blog that I am a late bloomer John Mayer fan.  It didn’t take me long to love his music; light rock with amazing riffs that makes you want to pick up a guitar and play it, too.  Of course,the melody is only half of it.  If you listen to John’s songs, some are idealistic, some are dreamy, and the rest are just so angsty, bitter, and so painful in a love-filled kind of way.  I thought James Morrison could fill the soundtrack of my life very well; he also can, but certainly not in a way that John Mayer’s songs can.

Anyway, back to the concert.  Veteran concert-goers as they are, Rachel and Raft3r both advised me to secure a raincoat just in case the rain won’t stop.  Umbrellas are okay but it will annoy many people behind you.  I saw it happen and I was one of those annoyed, by the way.

After getting my tickets at EDSA Shang, I went back to MOA to finally buy a transparent raincoat.  It proved very useful even if I still got wet (my being a clumsy doofus had a lot to do with it. It’s a long story, lol).

After a quick dinner, we went to the concert venue and I was impressed because it started on time.  A few minutes after 8 pm, Aiza Seguerra and her band were already doing their 4-song act.  I got inside on Aiza’s second song and people started filling up the designated space for each ticket holders.  By the way, Aiza is a great performer.  She has showmanship and she can really go a long way.

When John appeared around 8:40 pm, heavy rain poured as strongly as the crowd’s cheers.  It’s surreal hearing him sing live! Admittedly, because of the golf umbrellas that the Platinum ticket holders were holding up, I got a real glimpse of John on his second song already.  There was one lady at the Platinum section who did not use an umbrella at all and was happily singing with John and raising her arms in the air all throughout the show.  You go, girl! I hope you didn’t get sick!

This was how it looked from my seat for the first few songs during the concert. At one point, I had to watch from the video wall because there's no John at all but a sea of golf umbrellas!

In total, John sang 16 songs and played one awesome instrumental the title of which escapes me now.  HE’S AMAZING.  I love how he’s so passionate about his music.  He changed guitars more than three times and he made a great job with each.  HE’S GOT AMAZING FINGERS, I TELL YA.

Here’s a list of songs from his set.  He barely talked to the audience and to me, it’s okay.  He has a lot of songs that I understood it’s hard to pick just a select few.  I would have personally wanted to hear St. Patrick’s Day and My Stupid Mouth but what he performed were okay.

Vultures – I love this song.  It’s the #1 official track of my quarterlife crisis.  LOL.

No Such Thing – I tried to live tweet during the concert and I mistakenly said it’s Love Song For No One.  Sorry 🙂

Perfectly Lonely – If you know this song, the first chords will make you jump from your seat in excitement.  Well, that’s what it did to me!

Slow Dancing in a Burning Room – Man, I love this song.  Can I be silly for a second? See what I tweeted when John’s singing it >> Well, technically, he once wrote an e-mail with the lyrics to this song and I believe it was his way of telling me something I already knew then but I was just too stubborn to face.  I don’t know what kind of experience John had but it’s cool to know that these feelings (see the lyrics) can be universally shared.  Anyway, it’s all in the past!

Ain’t No Sunshine – His cover of this Bill Withers classic brought a tingle to my spine.  No kidding!

Waiting on the World to Change – ❤

Stop This Train – I had a great time singing to this.  The bridge is a super favorite.  It’s the 2nd official song in my quarterlife crisis playlist.  LOL.

Your Body is a Wonderland – Who wouldn’t know this song if you speak of John Mayer???

Who Says – The situation doesn’t appeal to me now as it did before but these lines from the song will always be spot-on: I don’t remember you looking any better / But then again, I don’t remember you .

Hearbreak Warfare – My friend Em made a private joke about it and because it’s hella corny, I will not spill it here 🙂

Gravity – Admittedly, I was introduced to this song when I heard it being used in a season 3 episode of [H]ouse in 2006.  Amazing song.

Do You Know Me – I don’t know if he appended this song with a wonderful instrumental or it was a separate piece in itself.  Nonetheless, it made me so dreamy and wished he would just play for me forever and ever.  Uh, a little exaggerated but the general sentiment is the same 🙂

Why Georgia – Before he sang this, he said he wrote this song in 1999 and it was released in 2000.  So it’s like going  back in time ten years past and picking a song that’s meaningful to him. ❤

Don’t Stop Believing – It’s a good song that’s ruined by hype, I’m sorry.  But John sang it well, albeit a little cheesy, and that’s good enough for me.

Half of my Heart – The band’s last song!

Edge of Desire – John’s encore song.  I knew he’d be back when he said thank you after Half of my Heart because he added, “I’ll be back soon” or something like it.  The song’s powerful and angsty, I love it so much! It’s a great way to end an equally great show.

When John took his final bow, he clasped his hands and “Namaste’d” us 😉 It’s so cute.  His behind is also cute.  I like men with “just right baggy pants”.  Have I told you how I so dig his wavy hair, too?  He’s like sex on legs.  Regardless of his racist, racy, douchy comments on many things when a microphone is in front of him, I still love him.  In fact, part of my fascination is because of it.  You can’t believe it? Well, have long have you known me??? 🙂

I truly enjoyed watching the concert and it’s a bit sad that the rain prevented me from taking lots of pictures.  Here are several from the ones I took:

Taken before John came out. See my raincoat's starting to get drenched.

He said he's going to wear something and I had no idea it was like this! Looks like someone's got an HD for JM. Hmmm 🙂

My view became better when the rain stopped.

At his 4th guitar change, he got this small guitar, sat down, and magnificently played Do You Know Me.

He was about to finish Half of my Heart here. I wasn't able to take a picture though of his final bow after Edge of Desire. *sigh*

Em, Dex, and yours truly. They were laughing at me because my hair was so wet.

Em, Dex, and Lynds who was so cool she took my ticket less than 12 hours before the concert! 🙂 They all had fun, I could tell 🙂

I can let it pass that my face is twice the size of his. LOL. He's on the ground and I'm still standing on a monobloc chair here! (Defensive!) Anyway, he's the sweetest concert companion you can ever have. Until our next 'concert' 😉

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4 replies

  1. nyahaha
    basang-basa sa ulan
    great concert, though

    ang ganda ni georgina wilson!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    what do you mean na i kinda blooged about it lang
    bakit kinda?
    ganda kaya ng post ko sa kanya

  2. he truly is a great artist, the husband plays a lot of his songs sa guitar and so shortly after paul moved here in 2006, i surprised him with concert tickets to see john mayer and sheryl crow. he loves john mayer just as much as i love sheryl crow so pareho kami masaya.

    personality ni john mayer di ko mahuli, parang kakaiba takbo ng utak nya. hahah

    • wow, mimie, favorite din pala ni paul si john! pero true, he’s a great artist, feel na feel mo na he’s into what he does. kaya din siguro benta ang songs nya regardless of his attitude. parang exotic cuisine nga si john when he’s not singing – acquired taste talaga because he can be too self-absorbed and borderline offensive. minsan naman funny. hirap nga mahuli 🙂

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