painless rundown

A watered-down version of the interesting week that was.

Monday was a choice between my make-up class in Spanish and the final bowling game between my agency and Public Affairs (aka mi amore’s team :)). It was an easy choice – I went to my Spanish class. Yes, I am very fascinated with that guy but I only want to be friends with him now. It’s very seldom that I see sociable + intelligent + good-looking rolled in one; I usually find men with, at best, two of these qualities, very rarely all three. So I like to associate myself with people like that, not really for romantic purposes. Unlike lovestruck girls, my ego would much rather enjoy being known as a friend of someone who many people like or look up to. Why? Because if you’re only friends, people will like you, too, but if you’re a romantic interest, even only as a ‘potential’ special someone, or one of those who harbors special affection for said popular person, they will surely hate you. See, it’s my sociopath mindset at work. Hahaha! But tell me where I’m wrong there!

Anyway, the make-up class was a review of everything we studied in the past 13 weeks. Found myself asking what it was that I put myself into. Again.

Tuesday, once more, was about Spanish class and bowling. And once again, I chose my Spanish class because it’s our diagnostic exam. I filed for leave in the afternoon so I can study. I killed time in a Starbucks near the office with Fiona Apple playing in the background. I twitted (or tweeted?) it and Fiona Apple replied. Hah. Anyway, our exam will determine if I can move on to level 4. I was confident on a few items but the listening section of the exam was a dumbass moment for me. A little similar to it was the 5-minute oral exposition. The first thing I thought of after the exam was…total surrender. It’s over and done with. Fin. 🙂

I had plenty of time to proceed to the bowling hall, at least to catch up with the awarding ceremony. I decided not to because a classmate/friend asked us to have dinner at this great shabu-shabu place in T.M. Kalaw. It was 50% off the menu prices after 9 pm. Who am I to let that opportunity pass? 🙂 I can now say I’m a shabu-shabu virgin no more.

Wednesday, a rainy day. Skipped my tango practice because my partner wasn’t here in Manila anyway. Book-shopped (three books for 105 pesos, not bad at all) and had dinner with a friend I haven’t been with in a long time. Conversations with him are always fun and very varied but there’s one topic we always go back to and for purposes of not exhausting all the wonderful potentials of that topic, I will not speak of it again the next time we go out. My friend paid for dinner so I guess that’s a good thing to add to this day.

Thursday was a holiday for us in commemoration of Veteran’s Day. If you know me well enough, it’s not strange anymore when I say I can watch TV shows for hours on end, pausing only to relieve myself. I did it again on this day. It’s great to catch up on most US TV shows I regularly follow. My best discovery was the hilarious new comedy Raising Hope. Also, The Walking Dead is the new shiznit, I’m telling you. Only two episodes have aired so it’s not too late to catch up. Zombies are love.

Friday, it was my bad, I arrived in the office an hour late. This was a VERY stressful day. Operation-wise, it’s aaack; I mean to the point that we had to ask ourselves, in between instruction-giving, what we were talking about – was it this update or this press release? This infosheet revision or this script? It was draining but as I said in my FB status, the masochist in me’s smiling the whole time.

Add to that were the collective concern and action to our colleague’s medical predicament, silently watching a ping-pong of sarcasm about some holiday party, potential exciting news for a friend on my birth month, and a docent session with international students from DLSU (something that I forgot I said yes to so I was so underdressed. Come on, it’s Friday!).

After work, I battled the prototype of hell known as “LRT1 and MRT on rush hour Friday”. I got to Megamall with all my organs and my dignity still intact.

Had dinner with my circle of Mean Girls which lasted a little after midnight. They also brought me to the flagship store of Forever21 and of course, I shopped because I’m such an easy person like that. It was fun, as usual.

Two more exciting days and this week is over. I should enjoy my days more so I don’t have to think of other things too much.




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  1. looks like i have something to thank raft3r for. thanks for visiting. and it’s always great to meet people with the same interests as we have. 🙂

    just saw the third episode and it’s awesome. i’m actually reading through the comic books the whole week.

  2. Halatang walang ginagawa si Fiona Apple, ah
    Pahiram ko sayo Extraodinary Machines nya


  1. Happy Cluelessness | Citizen Judie

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