There are times when you look at two people and feel something others cannot. My gutfeel is usually accurate. I don’t know if this is related but I also tend to have an 80% to 90% accuracy rate in suddenly thinking of a thing or a person then bumping into that someone or something a little later. Maybe my chakra is so open, ‘no?

Anyway, I frequently shut off my gutfeel mode but when it’s too heavy a vibe, I cannot help but mind it. Then I start to see signs. It’s like seeing an invisible line connecting two people that others may not see….yet.

If this turns out to be wrong, I’ll just laugh at myself. If it’s true after all, then I can gloat and say, “I knew it!” Thing is, I have no one to share it to. It’s fine though. In the larger scheme of things, I have no clout whatsoever to claim a part in this scenario, if and when it’s true.

Just another vague and silly idea on a humid Saturday night. Silly but not baseless. You’ll see.

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  1. sana patulan mo mga posts ko about j

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