Edited on 12/3/2010 at 3:05 pm: A male friend and I touched this silly matter over lunch. In between bites of his cheesy pizza, his only reply was, “Babae lang yata nakakaramdam ng ganyan.”  Then he continued eating. Natawa na lang ako. Actually, not all females in general. Possibly just those who live off on drama and theatrics. Parang ako minsan. Minsan lang naman, pagbigyan na. 😀

Last night, while I was finding it hard to sleep because of too much caffeine, I ended up spiraling yet again to a little melancholic mood because *hold your pretty horses* I’m not in a relationship. It happens frequently though I’m quick to squish the thoughts once I heaved a sigh or teared a little. I know I make valid arguments, valid questions, in ‘contesting’ my status. I am a woman deeply in touch with her feelings after all.

Then came a busy workday, plenty of things to accomplish, curricular activities in the periphery, a short validation of confidence from my boss for a job well done. I also attended my language class and afterwards went out with fun, smart, fearless women.

What I’m trying to say is that my feelings last night completely shifted. However, it doesn’t make them any less true. At this point in the day though, my vision is clearer. Ultimately, I am grateful for the capability to overcome self-esteem issues (particularly those about not being someone’s partner) and be secure with myself at a flip of a coin, at the slightest twitch of my nose. Sometimes I love to stay this way forever.

And there goes a new round of drama queen ramblings.

This is my first time to blog from my mobile phone.

So, how are you?

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  1. babae lang talaga ang GANYAN.

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