My Christmas Wish List (Books)

These books comprise my Christmas wish list.  Or my birthday wish list.  I may end up buying all of them myself anyway.  Most of my friends prefer to just give me gift certificates from bookstores because they don’t know if I already own something (not to brag, but it’s a good point.  I might have something you would see in bookstores because I’m such a hopeless book hoarder).  Sometimes though, I would like to be surprised.
Three of these books are not available locally.  I searched high and low in all different bookstores in the Philippines and they really aren’t distributed here.  That’s why I’m so tempted to buy them from The Book Depository.  With free shipping, who won’t be enticed, right?  I also gathered from blog posts shared by a very reliable source, a bibliophile like myself, that there are no hidden charges nor surprises when they deliver your orders.  I really need to decide on this great purchase soon.
Here are links to more information about the books I want; you might be interested in them, too:

What about you, what’s on your wish list?

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1 reply

  1. gusto mo bilin gc ko sa fully booked
    a friend (who must really know me) bought me a gc sa fully booked as a christmas present
    panalo, diba!

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