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I finally decided that I will use a Starbucks 2011 planner after all simply because it’s the first one that became available to me.

I did not intend to get this one even if I participated in the sticker promo.  For weeks, my choices were limited down to either a Moleskine 12-month weekly planner or The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf’s “The Giving Planner”.  Thanks to my friends who snatched me to a Starbucks one midnight, I surrendered and got the metal colored planner.

For 2010, I’ve been using an orange faux croc skin planner I got from Marshalls two Thanksgivings ago.  I looked it up online, in hopes of getting the same one for 2011, but it’s priced at $22 and it doesn’t include shipping yet, so I let go of the idea even though I really love the planner.  I bought the one I’m using now for $4.99 only 😉

So now, I’m all set to plan my days for 2011 with yet another Starbucks planner.  I’ve used theirs since 2005, with the exception of 2010.  I didn’t regret it because this year’s didn’t appeal to me as it’s not lined and the vertical divisions per day wasn’t suitable for my wordy way of jotting down appointments.

What about you, do you keep a planner?  What do you prefer to use next year?

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  1. Hi Judie! Happy Holidays. I miss you, di tayo nagkita this December. The last time we see each other eh nun Fun Run back in February 2010. Anyways back to your topic – I am using Belle De Jour. So far this is way better than their old planners. The paper is smooth and the design was nice. But Mr. Bf bought a lot of starbucks coffee this year and since the stickers that you have to complete are only 17 ( I think) we redemeed one planner. We chose the Wood design. So I guess 2 planners for me this year. Wish ko lang organized talaga to. =)

    • Girl! OMG, Century tuna fun run pa ba tayo huli nagkita? That’s too bad! Next month siguro for my bday?

      Great choice with BDJ! I just have an issue with its binding pero I browsed the coupons, ang bobongga ng shops na nag-participate. Hahaha, use Starbucks to organize your plans, rip BDJ for the discounts.

      • Yes, Century Tuna fun run pa hehehe. About your birthday, cge hope to see you =) pero yun date na Jan 20-26 I am somewhere out there girl in the land of Mickey Mouse in Asia. Sched and text text tayo. mwahhh!

  2. I love planners, and I love Moleskine products, but have never had a Moleskine planner, oddly enough. I carry a Moleskine which I used as a catch-all for notes, ideas and plans. I often draw my own little weekly, and sometimes monthly, calendar in the book. The act of drawing seems to help me focus.

    Lately, though, I’m revamping my style. I started reading ‘Getting Things Done’ after seeing so much about it on the internet. I’ll probably blog about this topic soon, actually.

    I love looking at planners, though. My boyfriend teasingly covers my eye any time we pass a stationery aisle because he knows how easily I get sucked in!

    • That’s great to know! There’s something about paper products that draws me in, too 🙂 I agree with you about keeping a notebook as a catch-all…errr…placeholder? sometimes, the best of ideas come at very random times! 🙂

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