2010 in TV shows – Part 1

Part 1 – Before the year ends, I would like devote a space for stuff that occupied my dorky life – TV shows! 🙂 I know too much TV is bad for my health and at times, bad for my social life, too.  I am just blessed by a satisfactory internet connection, online friends (‘fandom’, anyone?), and sufficient time in my hands that enabled me to enjoy TV shows to my heart’s content.  Truly, there are too many of them, for so little time. (I started this post when Simone was still working. *sniff sniff*)

Let me give you the shows that still interest me through the recent years, and new ones that got me hooked:

Of course, [H]ouse still dominates my TV show preferences.  I live off on this show’s spoilers and episode dissections.  However, I am not that invested (you should see some of the hardcore fans, my ‘fangirling’ pales in comparison) and I take whatever is given to me by the show runners.  Sure, I miss the intense medical drama and the clinic patients, but I still take the plotlines each week for what they are.  House and Cuddy in a relationship is a wonderful bonus.  The addition of Amber Tamblyn was a good move and even though there’s too much Thirteen hate in the fandom, I really miss Olivia Wilde and I can’t wait for her character to return before the season ends.

I already said before that with all the shows, I wasn’t privy to Desperate Housewives spoilers and it’s not by choice – I just don’t happen to be connected to online communities with these stuff; either that or spoilers about it are so minimal.  Still, I cannot miss the drama on Wisteria Lane.  This season isn’t comparable to their previous ones and the addition of Vanessa Williams did nothing new but only as a mere lame shadow of Nicolette Sheridan’s (late) Edie, but I still find enjoyment out of watching them make a spectacle out of their lives.

No one can replace Friends in my heart but The Big Bang Theory, to me, is the Friends of this generation.  This is the only show that makes me laugh out loud many times in a 20-minute episode.  I am glad that Jim Parsons is getting the attention and recognition he rightly deserves.  The cast, even after 4 seasons, still work coherently together.  The frequent guest spots of Mayim Bialik as the nerdy Amy Farrah Fowler was a great move.  Her lines equal in hilarity to Sheldon’s, and even if I still cannot picture two nerds like them in a relationship, it would be pretty funny to see them try.  Let’s see.

I only started watching The Mentalist early last year and it is still interesting to me.  I like that Patrick Jane is still capable of surprising me with his ‘decoding’ skills although in many instances, I guessed who the culprit-of-the-episode was early on.  I am beginning to warm up to the new CBI* boss Madeleine Hightower (though a guest spot of her predecessor Virgil Minelli was a welcome surprise), I like that Jane and Teresa Lisbon aren’t an item, that Van Pelt and Rigsby are back to having just sexual tension, and that Jane still transforms into someone so intense when Red John is mentioned.  Of course, Senior Special Agent Kimball Cho is a separate entity worthy of my swooning altogether.

*California Bureau of Investigation

Next to TBBT, I had to elevate Modern Family to my top shows of this year.  I instantly fell in love with it last year and even though others say the quality dwindled this second season, I beg to differ.  More layers of their dysfunction were uncovered this year so it’s still very hilarious. They can even do without guest stars.  Very noteworthy was their Halloween episode!  I agree with the accolades accorded it this early in their run.  Watch this Emmy skit with the cast and their Oscars special.  Plus, I am so biased for Sofia Vergara.  Some do not like her thick accent but I find it so funny and adorable.  She seems so genuine, too.  A few nights back she was on Ellen and as usual, the interview cracked me up.

I started watching Raising Hope in November only and it became an instant favorite.  Sure, there were very corny scenes but the actors play loser-ness (:)) so well that they came across effectively on screen.  I have to give major props to Martha Plimpton who plays Virginia Chance.  Her mispronunciations are so hilarious (‘lie-bary’ for library, ‘procrasterbating’, etc) and she’s the perfectly imperfect mom to Jimmy, wife to Burt, grandmother to Hope, and granddaughter to Mee Maw.  It was very heartwarming when she (and a 15-year old her) sang “Danny’s Song” to keep baby Hope (and baby Jimmy in the flashback) from crying at night.  Aside from Virginia, I also fell in love with one of the baby girls they use to play Hope!  I’m happy that Fox picked up this show for one full season.  I hope it stays on.  Would be interesting to see Hope grow before the viewers eyes.

Next, Cougar Town, The Walking Dead, Community, and more…

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