2010 in TV shows – Part 2

Read Part 1 here.

I had an on-again-off-again relationship with Cougar Town until July of this year when I decided to catch up with all episodes I missed in the midst of the hiatus. Since then, I didn’t miss an episode. I thought then that the show will revolve around serial hookups but it evolved into something worthy of a primetime slot. The cul de sac crew togetherness (often with wine) slowly became a variation of the Friends-type of relationship. They’re better this season, in my opinion. My fondness for Andy Torres is growing (much more when I learned he is married in real life to Nia Vardalos!) and the mom-son relationship of Jules and Travis is always heartwarming in its sometimes-annoying sense. And oh, confidence dance (I would have liked it more if they included the dance when Travis was accepted in two universities)!

I became an instant zombie convert the moment I watched the pilot episode of The Walking Dead. AMC gave us six episodes to comprise the first season, and it’s going to be a long wait until the next one on September 2011. In my opinion, the last three episodes were a little lacking in actual zombies but it gave way for presentation of characters, something that was not done in the comics version, where it was based from. The director of the series helmed the film version of the Stephen King’s The Mist, and you will see parallels in the treatment, along with very familiar actors. Also, because of this fascination with zombies, I’m thankful to my friend Erwin who gave me files after files of zombie films from as far back as the 1950s. Zombies are interesting personalities!

Like with Desperate Housewives, I let Community surprise me every episode. I thought Joel McHale as Jeff (forced to go back to college after a threat of disbarment because he faked his undergraduate degree), with all his antics in The Soup, would carry the show, but it’s not just him; the characters Abed, Troy, Shirley, Britta, Annie, Pierce, Senor Chang (a Spanish teacher who’s Korean!), and Dean Felton (he dressed up as Lady Gaga in the Halloween episode, so cool) bring the house down every episode. Abed and Troy’s outtake every end of the episode was something to look forward to. Their Spanish rap is still one of my favorite clips ever!

My long flight to San Francisco two Thanksgivings ago was what finally convinced me that 30 Rock is a funny show. I still have episodes in between that were left unwatched but I’m updated with season 5. Tracy isn’t as annoying to me now. His role was penned very well and he does the ignorant-idiot-sensitive guy effectively. Of course, who wouldn’t like Kenneth? I also love the relationship of Liz and Jack. I’m looking forward to be updated with past seasons. I’m likely to catch up during the season 5 hiatus.

Other notable shows that I enjoyed are The Good Wife (apart from Juliana Margulies, the Sports Night fan in me can’t help but adore Josh Charles again), Boardwalk Empire (I won’t be surprised if Steve Buscemi as Nucky will get high chances in the next awards season. Except for my slight beef on the ‘modern’ font used in some of their board announcements, I was impressed by the set and costume design to capture the Prohibition Era), Hawaii Five-O (McGarrett — who will always be Mick St. John to me — and Danno, another addition to my ‘bromance’ list!), and Nikita (have not gone past two episodes but man, Maggie Q is bad ass).

During the summer hiatus, interesting shows kept me company. I particularly liked Covert Affairs, Warehouse 13, Hot in Cleveland, and Pretty Little Liars.

I blogged about Warehouse 13 long ago and with the number of shows I watched, I wasn’t into this as I was when it premiered. However, I still made it to the end of season 2 and as most fans agreed to, the multiple guest appearances of the character of a female H.G. Wells (yup!) made the season more interesting.

Covert Affairs was still Alias-lite to me. For someone who didn’t dig Piper Perabo enough, I was surprised that I liked the series. I just hope Annie’s relationship with Auggie won’t turn into a romantic one. I like her more with Ben Mercer! I can also foresee Auggie gaining his eyesight back. But more than the lead character, I am so into husband-and-wife Arthur and Joan Campbell. One of my unforgettable line from Joan was, “I’m not a CIA wife, I’m a wife who works for the CIA.”* Peter Gallagher who plays Arthur was listed as special guest star while Kari Matchett who plays Joan was part of the regular cast. I hope they both stay longer. Their tension is so sexy to watch. Hooray for powerful men and women in love.

*Joan is the head of Domestic Protection Division where Annie works for while husband Arthur is head of National Clandestine Service.

I gave Hot in Cleveland a swift try and I didn’t let it go. My fascination with Wendy Malick during her Nina Van Horn days returned. Hot… was a funny take on what can actually happen when you reach your midlife. I wonder if Men of a Certain Age is as engaging. Anyway, apart from the sarcastic, always brutal and self-deprecating lines, the banter of Elka (Betty White) and Joy (Jane Leeves) are so hilariously dead-on. I can’t wait for the second season to come.

I may have given up on Gossip Girl and Glee but I found a YA show in the midst of too many TV adaptations of books. Pretty Little Liars was engaging, most especially since it veered away a little from what happened in the published series. Four girls are haunted by their ‘dead’ friend A (or Allison), played by Sasha Pieterse, who also played the cancer-stricken girl Andy in [House] season 2, the one who Chase kissed, remember? Anyway, back to PLL, I like Spencer Hastings the most. The treatment of the show makes it appear that Aria is the lead of the ensemble though of course they wouldn’t admit that. The season ended with someone running over Hanna because she already knew who “A” was. Let’s see how they would play it out.

I also want to make special mentions of the British shows Psychoville and Miranda. The former is a twisted thriller with enough lunatics whom you will end up rooting for in an equally twisted way as the plot. It’s fun. I hope the US does not attempt to make an Americanized version, like what they did to Life on Mars, Being Human, etc. The latter, Miranda, I accidentally stumbled upon on youtube. I watched all its episodes there. Just trust me when I say that it is really funny. I’m fat and single so it’s so relatable to me. But even if you are not, as long as you find yourself in any daily uncompromising situation, you will find Miranda so spot on.

Other shows that I watched but I wasn’t able to regularly follow, either because of time or interest: Chuck (I was so into it in early in the year; most likely I’ll catch up soon), The Good Guys (Bradley Whitford and a mustache don’t really go along well), The Event, No Ordinary Family, Outsourced, Rubicon, Haven, and Melissa and Joey.

Whew. What about you, what did you watch in 2010?

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5 replies

  1. ang dami mong napanood na series!!! ako? binalik ko yung 24 series. and i ended up with season 2! that is how bad I am when it comes to watching series. Haaaayyy. oh and I watched a few epi of Warehouse 13.

    haaaappy new year!!

    • oo nga eh, napadami 🙂 not much life, hahaha!
      i’ve been meaning to watch 24 also. in the future, i might. i hope na-enjoy mo yung warehouse 13.

      happy new year too!!!!

  2. and this blog is alive

    happy 2011, yummy friend
    no more dramas, ha


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