2011 Resolutions

I spent the last day of 2010 until the first day of 2011 sick in bed.  It wasn’t anything serious; it’s just that when my immune system is in the mood to bring me down, it does so for days.  While waiting to get better, I thought of my resolutions for this new year, for this new decade.  Let’s go back to this at the end of 12 months to know how I fared.

  1. Sleep more.  I admit that most of my illnesses were triggered by not sleeping enough.  If you trace majority of my sick leaves, two to three days prior were days with less than 5 hours of sleep.  This year, I will sleep for 6 hours at the least, 8 hours or more on weekends.  I realized that I’m not getting any younger and I don’t want to be sickly in the future.  I still want to raise a family, you know.
  2. Go out less on weeknights.  I mean going out, either alone or with friends (well, mostly alone), directly after office hours.  I don’t know anymore why I still do this.  It doesn’t mean I’m going to decline invites but since most of them happen on Fridays anyway, I’ll just go straight home after office or after class.  I very rarely, if never, do nor stumble upon great moments while I’m out on weeknights; it’s usually just dinner at a restaurant, reading time at a coffee shop, or window shopping – activities I can very well do without, or I still can do but within the confines of home.
  3. Read more books.  I used to hit 50-60 books a year and it’s a shame I cannot do it anymore.  I hoard books like a madwoman and it’s a shame that I cannot find time to read them.  Seriously, this shouldn’t even be here.  Reading to me is like eating or breathing.  Well, at least, it used to…and I terribly miss it.
  4. Less “drama”.  Oh, someone will be very happy if I can stay true to this.  Our loyal female friends may not get tired of this but if you have male friends, they would tell you pointblank that something is wrong with you.  I can still blame hormones but I guess they can be managed.  I pride myself to be very easily distracted (ADHD, anyone?) so it’s ironic that I can’t control my raging emotions.  To do it well is part of maturity, I guess.  That, and the fact that as we get older, we must learn to give importance to things that are, well, important to us.  Ang mag-drama sa 2011, pasasagasaan sa pison beyond recognition.  Deal?
  5. Go out on dates.  I remember turning down what could have been my first date for 2010 because the guy very recently broke up with a long-time girlfriend.  My rejection was valid but as what my other friends said, nag-feeling naman ako di ba? A date is a chance to get to know more people and to expand my network.  I didn’t have many offers but I did turn down invites last year.  I didn’t regret them even though a part of me thinks they could have been fun.  More importantly, I didn’t want to go out then because I wanted a date from a specific person.  It’s what Einstein said about stupidity – doing the same things over and over expecting a different result each time.  I can say I have exhausted that option so I’m ready to mingle again.  So to my friends, I’m open to dates again.  You know what I like! Bawal ang _______ Hahaha!
  6. Save money.  I’m lucky to have a stable job with a satisfactory salary to pay for my necessities every other Thursday.  I feel ashamed asking God for more money when in fact, He has provided me avenues to get them, to have them, I was not just managing it well.  I will do away with unnecessary expenses.  I’m nearing my thirties and I don’t have any assets to boast of, for God’s sake.  I can start by doing #2 well.  Little steps.
  7. Don’t be late.  …in all instances where the concept of time is involved! For one, my boss giving me a faux vintage necklace with a timepiece should be a big hint to me already, hahaha! Filipino time is on time!
  8. Get a part-time job.  I plan on doing this for extra money and for other forms of brain activity aside from my day job and my Spanish class.  I still don’t know what type of job I’m going to get but I’ll explore options soon.  Wish me luck!
  9. Listen to my mother.  My mom and I reached a point in our relationship where we’re almost equals.  Contrary to what other people still think, we’re living different lives now.  I don’t ask permission anymore, I merely do an FYI (which is a respectable thing to do).  Anyway, there were many times when I believed I knew enough, whether it’s about my lovelife, my health, my finances, even dressing up, and then I failed. We may have grown up in different generations but children, it took me as early as the age of 28 to realize that hey, mothers are almost always right!  Aside from her constant nagging to give her a grandchild or shooing me away to work abroad, Mom and I are good, and I thank God for it.
  10. Work harder.  Emphasis on –er.  Enough said.

There are things I could have included; things that if you know me well, you would also expect to be included in my short list above.  Consider them a given, like it’s almost done.  We’re not talking about them here, are we? 🙂

What about you, what are your resolutions for 2011?

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3 replies

  1. pareho tayo sa #1, 3, 6 & 10.
    I’m skipping getting a consultancy project so I would have time to blog. dun na lang ako kikita. enjoy pa . hehehe!

    Half of my 10 New Year’s resolutions all boil down to 1 issue: weight. I’ve always wanted to lose pounds and throughout the years, I just said, I’ll do it next year. Well enough postponing for me cause my clothes won’t fit me anymore. wahhh!!!!

    Good thing is that our canteen’s menu helps a lot. LOL!

    Thanks for sharing !

  2. btw, salamat for the blog makeover super pogi ng mali bay dahil sayo
    pwede ka na sa isc

  3. i dont do resolutions
    kaya good for you

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