My First Bloggiesta Weekend

Meet P.E.D.R.O. (as in Plan, Edit, Develop, Review, Organize!)

Thanks to Chachic’s blog post, I learned about Bloggiesta Weekend and I knew instantly I want to join to get some pending things in my online life moving.

Bloggiesta Weekend is on its 4th edition.  It was spearheaded by Natasha of the Maw Books Blog.  Basically, you just need to list down any to-do items which you have to accomplish within 72 hours.  This 4th Bloggiesta weekend will run from today, January 21, until midnight of January 23.  Read more about the challenge here.

Below, I’m providing my short to-do list.  Since I learned about this challenge only tonight, I lost almost 12 hours, but I’m sure I can catch up.  On Sunday night, I will make a “finish line” post to see if I’m able to accomplish what I intended to.

My to-do list this weekend:

  • Post the 2nd part of my Taipei trip blog entry (part 1 is here)
  • Create a blog post about Ex-Libris Philippines‘ book session tomorrow, January 22, at TriNoMa
  • Put tags and titles in my old blog posts (think 2004 to 2006) imported from Blogger (for some quirky reason, my Blogger template did not allow me to import titles with the posts; everything just says “Untitled”, ugh)
  • Segregate my Facebook friends into specific “groups” (time to start compartmentalizing my online life; I realized not everything can be shared with everyone)
  • Read and update my Google Reader feed

I believe they’re fairly easy!  Let’s see on Sunday!  Off I go!



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8 replies

  1. Good luck with your list of tasks for Bloggiesta!

  2. Your list definitely sounds do-able. Good luck!

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