Bloggiesta Finish Line Post

The Bloggiesta Weekend challenge officially ended a couple of hours ago and here’s how I fared in my very modest list.  I rated the tasks with check marks (not a square root sign, lol).  Two marks mean it’s done and completed.  In total, I clocked in 3 hours last Saturday, six hours on Sunday, and an hour today.

Judie’s to-do list:

  • Post the 2nd part of my Taipei trip blog entry (part 1 is here√√

It was not as long as the first and it has a little more images. Click here to read the post.

  • Create a blog post about Ex-Libris Philippines‘ book session tomorrow, January 22, at TriNoMa √√

I’ve long planned to do this so I’m happy I finally got to do it this weekend.  I’ve been a member of my book club for close to four years now and our monthly rundown of our books-of-the-month were via photo albums, most of which are depressing to look at because I could clearly see the monthly progression of my horrible weight gain. 🙂

  • Put tags and titles in my old blog posts (think 2004 to 2006) imported from Blogger (for some quirky reason, my Blogger template did not allow me to import titles with the posts; everything just says “Untitled”, ugh) 

I started this and finished around thirteen posts only.  However, I was able to password-protect some old posts which I may not completely delete but at least I know they are worth concealing to the blogosphere.  Surprisingly, not one of them was about my drama-filled lovelife.  I guess I value my professional life more, especially now that everything’s peachy in the workplace.

  • Segregate my Facebook friends into specific “groups” (time to start compartmentalizing my online life; I realized not everything can be shared with everyone) 

Started but left it unfinished, too.  I only managed to finish two groups.  I created nine classifications and I’m hoping I can place each one in the appropriate category.  Compartmentalizing!

  • Read and update my Google Reader feed √√

Deleted two feeds, added seven, read almost thirty-seven blog updates.  I’m updated as of this moment!

I had fun doing this challenge although I know my list was so short.  I will gladly do this again soon.  Told you I only need motivation.

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