Still here.

Busy yet peachy. You?

2011 is zooming by so fast. I can hardly keep up. The first 3 months of the year brought a lot of changes and while they were not all easy, we’re getting by.

I have a new office and after two weeks, sorry to say, the excitement and fascination wore off. I don’t think they’re supposed to last anyway. I found myself missing my old dungeon-esque office. However, a part of me is satisfied. I figured if I cannot have something new, as in new, in my work, this change of scenery is a good thing, for the meantime.

After a month of hiatus, I’m back to my Spanish class. New teacher, new classmates, new class level. We’re set to take a diagnostic exam at the end of April. I always promise myself I will do better in my classes and this level, I may actually just do that.

The first quarter of the year draws to a close and my reading list is much respectable than how I fared in 2008 and 2009.  The items in the list though…well, let’s just say we should never ever make excuses with what we read. It is a subjective form of activity. At the end of a busy day, sometimes, fluff is all you can take. I will blog about this separately.

I also started running 10 kilometers in marathons. I joined 3 marathons already and I’ve been improving my personal record. I am training gradually so I can lessen it further then I will keep it to a decent time. I should also blog about this separately.

My TV fangirl mode is a little bit on hiatus as well because really, real life has been real to me lately.

My hopeless romantic side has shifted to its pragmatic mode. I take everything as it comes and I always make sure to have a good laugh at everything, whether they go my way or not. Now I know how crazy it looks from the sidelines. Sometimes, I get floored by little moments but when they’re over, I get distracted and forget them. I take it as a gift because I’d rather take a liking for different endeavors and hobbies than just work, love life, and some other activity. That’s sad, if that’s all you have. Sorry to those who feel they’re enough.

I know I have more things to say but thanks to caffeine, I lost the ability to recall them. I guess this is enough for now. Maybe if I have my own domain, I’ll be more enthusiastic to blog. Thing is, I regressed further down the poverty level that this plan was scrapped altogether. Tsk.

So, you, how have you been?

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8 replies

  1. ichismis mo si rafter o kya lablayf. ako din wala na masulat hehehe. kaya ikaw na lang! gooo!

  2. nyahaha
    bigyan kita ng issue para mapa-blog pa palagi, gusto mo?

  3. aba
    may bago pala dito

    alam mo
    you should blog mo
    lahat ng angst mo dito mo dalin kesa idirekta mo sakin

    btw, you owe me 4 blog comments!!!

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